Kiwano melon – Have you tried this interesting fruit?


Few things make me more excited than weird fruit. Ok, it’s not actually weird, but it’s more unique – fruit that’s new to me – something that has naturally grown on a tree that I’ve never tasted before. Wood apples in Sri Lanka, cempedak throughout Southeast Asia, and that unique egg yolk fruit in Thailand, are… [Read More]

Christmas tamales!


It had been many years since I had last spent Christmas in the US, and it had been equally as many years since last feasting upon tamales. You’ve probably already heard me say a few times that Mexican food is about the only food I miss living in Thailand, so this year I made up… [Read More]

Photo: Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcake

Cupcakes, Washington DC At the beginning of 2012, I was in Washington DC to attend the wedding of a good friend. At his wedding, he had a cupcake cake, multiple layers of luscious cupcakes from the Georgetown Cupcake shop.