Kobe Beef Tacos at the Renaissance Hotel, Phoenix


I have a good friend that works as chef and supervisor at the Renaissance Phoenix hotel. When I was in Phoenix, I didn’t come to stay at the hotel, but instead my friend invited me to tour the kitchen and taste some of his specialities, one of them… Kobe beef tacos. For many many years (and […]

Kiwano melon – Have you tried this interesting fruit?


Few things make me more excited than weird fruit. Ok, it’s not actually weird, but it’s more unique – fruit that’s new to me – something that has naturally grown on a tree that I’ve never tasted before. Wood apples in Sri Lanka, cempedak throughout Southeast Asia, and that unique egg yolk fruit in Thailand, are […]

DeFalco’s – The Italian deli you want in your neighborhood


You can roll in wearing your pajamas and flip flops, with a bad case of bed head, or in your gym clothes… and nobody’s going to care. DeFalco’s is the home-style Italian deli everybody wants in their own neighborhood. DeFalco’s is an Italian deli and grocer located in south Scottsdale, Arizona, just a 10 minute […]

Christmas tamales!


It had been many years since I had last spent Christmas in the US, and it had been equally as many years since last feasting upon tamales. You’ve probably already heard me say a few times that Mexican food is about the only food I miss living in Thailand, so this year I made up […]

Photo: Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcake

Cupcakes, Washington DC At the beginning of 2012, I was in Washington DC to attend the wedding of a good friend. At his wedding, he had a cupcake cake, multiple layers of luscious cupcakes from the Georgetown Cupcake shop.

What is Real American Food? Explained with Lip-Licking Photos

Is this authentic American food?

After traveling for a number of years, I recently returned to the United States for about a month long visit. I visited family in Hawaii, friends in Washington D.C., and more family in Phoenix, Arizona. Just like traveling anywhere else in the world, food is one of my ultimate passions and motivations. But what exactly is […]