Myanmar Barbecue on 19th Street Yangon, Chinatown


When you’re in Yangon and searching for places to eat, you’ll likely come across Yangon’s famous 19th Street in the Chinatown area of downtown. Every evening, the main street of Maha Bundala comes alive with vendors of all kinds, selling all sorts of edible foods, ranging from Chinese to local Myanmar dishes. 19th Street – […]

Cooking Food in Bamboo with the Akha Hill Tribe in Chiang Rai


Chiang Rai, located in the northern tip of Thailand, is one of my favorite regions of the country. The green rolling hills and mountains, the thick jungle, and the peacefulness of the area, is what I love most about visiting. While filming the Thai food documentary, we went to Chiang Rai province to film a […]

Myanmar Tofu Salad – A Different Kind of Tofu Experience


If you’re like me, you might think it’s a wheel of cheese. On my first visit to Myanmar, back in 2011, I was puzzled for a number of days, as to what exactly was that wiggly round of yellow matter, that people were eating on the streets? To cure my curiosity, I sat down at a street food stall and […]

Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant – Everything You Want & More


Feel Myanmar Food Restaurant is easily one of the most famous restaurants for local Burmese food in all of Yangon. But I have to admit, when I first arrived, inside my head I was a little puzzled, if not disappointed… Walking in, I saw little deep fried foods, chicken, a gelato stall… But the last thing I […]

Breakfast Curry, Or Tor Kor Market, & Chokchai 4


Ari (อารีย์) Morning Ari, located in between Victory Monument and Chatuchak, is just one of the many areas of Bangkok. It’s not as busy as an area like Silom or Sathorn, but it does have a nice mixture of businesses, office buildings, condos, and neighborhoods. It’s kind of a trendy area in Bangkok, home to numerous […]