For the love of Bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥)


Immediately after licking that glorious bowl of sundubu jjigae clean, I decided to go for restaurant number two. I had about 30 more minutes before I had to head back to the Seoul-Incheon Airport and decided to check out a famous spot that I had heard about, but hadn’t had the chance to eat at… [Read More]

My Top 11 Mouthwatering Bites of 2012


Happy New Year 2013! Thank you for being a part of 2012 was a great year, and while I did less traveling than some years, I was able to get a lot accomplished, and I managed to eat quite a few tasty meals (all of which I’m thankful for). In 2012 I visited my… [Read More]

Seoul’s Myeongdong Shopper’s Paradise (Photos)

Myeongdong Photos

Myeongdong is the place die-hard shoppers dream of. It’s one of the most popular and hectic shopping districts in Seoul, South Korea. Myeongdong is where it’s possible to witness females carrying 25 shopping bags full of new accessories while attempting to balance herself on high-heels. However, I’m personally not much of a shopper as I… [Read More]

Accommodation in Seoul – 3 Great Options

Accommodation in Seoul, South Korea

Note: Photo above is from Phil House – my favorite place I stayed while in Seoul! One of the biggest concerns for travelers visiting any new city is figuring out a decent and safe place to sleep. While I don’t normally do much planning, when I visited Seoul, South Korea, I did end up doing… [Read More]