PHOTO: Crab for Lunch on Coron Island, Philippines

Coron Island, Philippines

Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines I can think of few things as joyous as boating around islands in the Philippines while indulging in fresh fish and crab on gorgeous private beaches. Our boat driver doubled as crab chef, and as soon as we docked, he got started preparing lunch!

Photo: Life in Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines Manila is the capital mega-city of the Philippines. Like any other large city, one of my favorite things to do in Manila, is just walk around aimlessly and observe the life and action. Manila always offers a glimpse of something interesting.

Photo Essay: Batad Rice Terraces in the Philippines


Rice is life in Batad, Philippines. It’s what you look at, it’s what you think about, it’s what you eat. And it’s not just the rice grown on terraces that reach the heavens that produces an omnipotent amazement, it’s the entire atmosphere, the trickle of the gravity fed irrigation system, the peace of being surrounded… [Read More]

Photo Favorite: Cave Waterfall in Sagada, Philippines


Location: Sumaging Cave – Sagada, Philippines Illuminated by the shaky lantern of the guide, I ventured into a dark whole; little did I know, it was the entrance to hidden beauty. The Sumaging cave complex near Sagada, Philippines is a very well preserved and all around magical place.