PHOTO: 90 Year Old Smoker


90 Year Old Smoker Just a short walk from the old smiling lady, was this man who could barely speak a word of either Chinese or English. He sat quietly smiling and taking periodic inhales of his 4 foot long pipe!

PHOTO: Dragon Bridge in Yangshuo


Dragon Bridge in Yangshuo One of the destinations I loved visiting while biking in Yangshuo, China, was Dragon Bridge. It’s a beautiful place to relax, take a swim, and just enjoy the atmosphere. Can you spot the wedding couple at the top of the bridge? It’s also popular for wedding photography!

PHOTO: Obedient Puppies in China

Puppies in China

Village, Yangshuo, China When I was snooping around an ancient Chinese village near Yangshuo, China, I came across this crew of puppies standing on the wall. Their bossy older brother was barking commands at them and they behaved obediently.

Foodie Alert: Tasty $1 Chinese Lunch Special


Lunch in China is a big meal (and a big deal), and for myself, it’s probably my favorite meal of the day. While in Yangshuo, there were a number of options for lunch, one of them being a huge assortment of pre-cooked dishes all set up buffet fast food style on a table – you… [Read More]

PHOTO: Chinese Sashimi

Chinese Sashimi

Chinese Sashimi, Guangxi, China Chinese food is not exactly known for including too many raw things. In fact, everything is nearly cooked to death, even lettuce is supposed to be cooked. But in the small village of Chengyang, we had a traditional Chinese ceviche-like plate of raw fish cooked only by the acid of lime… [Read More]