PHOTO: Leisure Floating on a Bamboo Raft in Yangshuo, China

By Mark Wiens 7 Comments
Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo Rafting

Yulong River, Yangshuo, China

In the gorgeous town of Yangshuo, China, one of the most popular activities for tourist is to take a leisure bamboo raft ride down the tranquil Yulong River.

Scenic and relaxing!

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  • Sourav Agarwal

    9 years ago

    Hi..Mark. Hope, you are find and on the move as usual. This picture is awesome! You are so lucky to have visited this spot in China. I am jealous of you…..ha ha

  • Happy Philippines

    10 years ago

    coolness! would love to ride that raft too!

  • [email protected]

    10 years ago

    Top notch photo. The river looks real shallow though, hope it’s not drying up. Love the varying shapes of that backdrop of mountains.

  • Arti

    10 years ago

    Seems quite interesting indeed! Wonderful capture Mark 🙂 How is India going?

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hey Arti, I just got to Nepal, and will be here for a few more weeks before heading back to Thailand. How are you?