17 Inspiring Photos of the People of Ethiopia


Ethiopia, with friendly people, an ancient and fascinating culture, and amazing food (and coffee), is truly a fantastic country to visit. While I mainly travel to eat, people are also a major contribution to the greatness of any country. 1. Boys in Lalibela Unfortunately, plenty of kids will ask you to take their picture and… [Read More]

13 Photos of Darjeeling, India


Darjeeling is in the same West Bengal state of India as Kolkata, but it’s a world of difference. It’s much calmer, cool, and surrounded by the gorgeous Himalayas. Darjeeling is one of the most famous places in the world for tea, the rolling foothills and elevation creating prime conditions. One of my favorite things to… [Read More]

Seoul’s Myeongdong Shopper’s Paradise (Photos)

Myeongdong Photos

Myeongdong is the place die-hard shoppers dream of. It’s one of the most popular and hectic shopping districts in Seoul, South Korea. Myeongdong is where it’s possible to witness females carrying 25 shopping bags full of new accessories while attempting to balance herself on high-heels. However, I’m personally not much of a shopper as I… [Read More]

Pictures of Guilin: China’s City Renowned for its Beauty


A small and quiet city by Chinese standards, Guilin is a modern and bustling Chinese urban area with about 6 million inhabitants located in Guangxi Province. Known throughout China for the sheer beauty of the surrounding nature, Guilin is a popular destination for Chinese tourism. The giant trees, the dedicated parks and green spaces, and… [Read More]

Photo Essay: Chinese Cultural Dancers of Chengyang Village


Chengyang is a cultural touristy village located in Guangxi Province of China (about 4 hours from Yangshuo). They are famous for their ancient artistic bridges and for their well preserved culture of Dong Heritage. Now, I’m not normally too much into cultural tourist shows, but after enjoying a lovely Chinese tea drinking ceremony, watching the cultural dance… [Read More]

Photo Essay: Chinatown in Honolulu, Hawaii


Chinatown is one of my favorite areas of just about any major city in this world. For me it’s an entrance point to any city or culture. Go to Chinatown in any city from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and you’ll find similar people, similar stores, wonderful Chinese food and those familiar Chinatown smells. I’m comfortable… [Read More]

5 Photos that Capture the Vivid Colours of Traveling


I was recently nominated by the Traveling Canucks to participate in Capture the Colour, a competition put on by TravelSupermarket.com. The rules are to publish an article containing 5 photographs you’ve taken that creatively showcase the colours of blue, green, yellow, white and red. After browsing my files, I noticed I’ve also seen a lot of… [Read More]