13 Photos of Darjeeling, India

By Mark Wiens 22 Comments
View near Darjeeling, India
1. View near Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling is in the same West Bengal state of India as Kolkata, but it’s a world of difference.

It’s much calmer, cool, and surrounded by the gorgeous Himalayas. Darjeeling is one of the most famous places in the world for tea, the rolling foothills and elevation creating prime conditions.

Darjeeling, India
2. Darjeeling, India

One of my favorite things to do in Darjeeling was to leisurely walk around the Chowrasta public square area in the evening and then walk on some of the side trails. Great air, peaceful, and amazing views!

Looks more like Europe at times than India!
3. Looks more like Europe at times than India!

I stayed at a guest house right in the center of town where there’s a small crossroads. At times it feels more like you’re in the mountains of Europe than in India.

Darjeeling railroad station
4. Darjeeling railroad station

Darjeeling is famous for having a railroad station and being home to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad, a small gauge rail that makes use of a steam powered locomotive known as the Toy Train.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad
5. Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad

A short touristy roundtrip ride on the train is known as the “Joy Ride,” and you get to ride the steam powered locomotive along the mountain track.

St. Andrew's Church
6. St. Andrew’s Church

Here’s a photo of St. Andrew’s church, built in the mid 1800’s, one of the landmarks of the hill station.

Buddhist Monastery in Darjeeling, India
7. Buddhist Monastery in Darjeeling, India

Walking around I found a number of Buddhist monasteries in Darjeeling that included nice detail and painting.

Himalayan Zoo
8. Himalayan Zoo

A popular attraction in Darjeeling is the Himalayan zoo which includes many high elevation animals such as this Himalayan mountain goat and many red pandas.

Hanging out in central Darjeeling
9. Hanging out in central Darjeeling

The center of Darjeeling is a bustling little town full of businesses and people waiting around to take jeeps to other villages in the mountains.

Buying some socks in Darjeeling
10. Buying some socks in Darjeeling

Businesses in Darjeeling, like in all of India, set up wherever there’s space – and it doesn’t take much space to operate a business!

Thukpa noodle soup
11. Thukpa noodle soup

While Indian food is widely available in Darjeeling, local Tibetan and Nepali food is also quite popular. Here’s a bowl of beef thukpa noodles, a comforting bowl of soup on a cold day.

Doing construction in India
12. Doing construction in India

Many places I travel, I’m amazed and respectful of construction workers – they do some tough jobs. Here they were carrying pans full of concrete on their heads up and down a flight of bamboo steps, many of them wearing slippery flip flops.

Sunrise view of Darjeeling, India
13. Sunrise view of Darjeeling, India

Waking up for sunrise presents a breathtaking view of the Himalayan range in the background of Darjeeling!

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  • High Rated Gabru

    3 years ago

    Nice work Mark. Please keep sharing!!

  • Edward Isaac

    3 years ago

    Being an Indian, I have visited Darjeeling quite a few times, right from my honeymoon. Apart from being picturesque, I love the food and friendly locals there.

  • Satyam Yadav

    6 years ago

    Wow, these are some incredible photos! The second one is my favourite; Darjeeling certainly looks like a spectacularly picturesque place!

  • Palak Gupta

    7 years ago

    Nice collection of images…I was searching information about Darjeeling…..Just saw your blog,,,It was amazing and informative for tourist. My friends planning to visit Darjeeling,this article will be added more value in Darjeeling trip.Thanks for sharing such great type of article.

  • naziyat

    7 years ago

    Hi mark. Tnx for all the food blogs. Mark plz visit Dhaka Bangladesh. You will love our foods in town & villages. We will be very happy if u came to our home to enjoy local Bangladeshi food

  • Himanshu

    8 years ago

    Excellent aspects of Darjeeling with your camera Mark ! I visited the place in June 2016.As compared to popular north indian destination like Shimla and Manali , however , i found it expensive..especially in terms of taxi tariff…..Darjeeling has its own charm , the tea gardens..

  • monica

    8 years ago

    Thanks for the pics .. m from this placd and my childhood my adolescence ..mmmm I can simply live and feel the pics youve posted . Though not in darjeeling any more … more than 10 yrs not visited … thanks for walking down the memory lane

    • Mark Wiens

      8 years ago

      You’re welcome Monica, glad it brings back good memories.

    • Dr.Chandraprabha

      8 years ago

      Hello Mark Weins,
      Himachal Pradesh n Jammu Kashmir are called “Paradise on Earth”.. I am glad you visited darjelling n hav described so well about my country…. Do take a break n visit Shimla, kulu manali also…. its amazing place…. good pics…

  • Sourav Agarwal

    11 years ago

    I am from West Bengal. Now I am in Hyderabad for job purpose. Unfortunately I have never been to Darjeeling. However, on seeing these pictures it seems that I have been there. These pictures connect me with the most beautiful part (Darjeeling) of Bengal where I was born and brought up in. Thanks Mark!

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Sourav, thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you’re able to visit Darjeeling in the future!

    • Sourav Agarwal

      11 years ago

      Sure, Mark. I am motivated to visit Darjeeling by your effort to promote this beautiful hill town.

  • Sarah

    11 years ago

    Your photos really seem to capture the unique character of the place, which definitely seems like an interesting part of India.

  • Emma Spires

    11 years ago

    Wow, these are some incredible photos! The second one is my favourite; Darjeeling certainly looks like a spectacularly picturesque place!

  • Samuel Jeffery

    11 years ago

    Great photos Mark! I’m hoping to visit Darjeeling for the first time this coming fall.

  • Matt

    11 years ago

    Hi Mark –

    We just bought two tickets One way to BKK. Can’t wait!

    How expensive are you finding North India? I did just a spot of research about N. India Lonelyplanet recommended Himachal Pradesh, but it seems that it’s quite expensive?

    We want to see India — but might miss the cool season in the south & center. North India would be great, but not if we gotta pay $30 a night for bed.

    Matt & Reka

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Matt and Reka, good to hear about your travel plans. I think for accommodation in India we paid anywhere from $8 – $20 per night for a double. But then food and transportation and everything else is quite cheap. Not sure about Himachai Pradesh though, maybe prices are a bit higher there?

  • Soutik

    11 years ago

    Excellent pics Mark. Darjeeling does look like European town/ville from many angles. Inspite of the political turmoils, the place is still the number one destination spot for any bengali worth his salt. Not to forget the amazing food which has influence from Tiebt, Nepal, Bhutan and even Burma.
    When I return to India, I would visit it to feast on the food and get an eyeful of Kanchenjangha.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Thanks! Yes, the view and the food were what it was all about for me!