$0.20 Cents Will Buy You a Dosa in Yangon


In-between dodging raging buses and strolling through the energetic streets of Yangon, one of the most popular activities is to eat street food snacks. In Yangon, you’re bombarded with so many street food stalls on every corner, that it’s almost overwhelming. However, you do have to be careful eating street food in Yangon; Not everything looks […]

Eating a Winning Bowl of Mohinga in a Yangon Parking Lot


Sometimes you have no plans to eat… but it just feels right. You’re walking along, with little intention to eat anything, but then you see a stall that calls your name. You might not even be sure why, but something having to do with the atmosphere, the fresh look of the food, the aroma that hits […]

For Grilled Meat on Stick, Japanese Have it Figured Out


In between meals of insanely fresh and delicious sushi when I was in Tokyo, I was also excited to hang out and eat skewers of grilled succulent meat known as yakitori. There are a near infinite quantity of small yakitori-ya restaurants in Tokyo, serving up tasty sticks of grilled meat paired with refreshing beverages. One day, after walking […]

In Zanzibar, Delicious Local Food at Passing Show Hotel (Restaurant)


Ask just about any local Zanzibari for a great local Zanzibari food restaurant in central Stone Town, and they’ll either point you to Lukmaan (another great restaurant), or Passing Show Hotel. Both restaurants serve nearly the same menu, a full range of Zanzibari favorites like pilau rice and biryani, and a variety of curries, stews, and […]

KOYA Restaurant – Japanese Udon Noodles in London


During our quick trip to London, after the Chowzter food awards, we met up with Anton from Our Awesome Planet and Hans from Eats and Treats, and went to a restaurant called KOYA Udon. Koya is a simple, but neatly designed, Japanese restaurant located in the trendy London district of Soho. They are known for their udon, the […]

Yamazato Restaurant – Fine Japanese Food in Bangkok


Having recently visited Tokyo, I’ve still been dreaming and re-living in my mind all the amazing food I ate when I was there. From sashimi to sukiyaki, there were so many incredibly memorable meals I ate in Japan. Back to home base in Bangkok, and there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants. My wife Ying and I, were invited to […]