Hawaiian food at People’s Cafe, Honolulu, Hawaii


Serving both Hawaiian and Filipino food, People’s Cafe is a classic restaurant in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. They’ve been around for a very long time, over eighty years in fact, and they have maintained their consistency in dishing out comforting food to satisfy their customers. One thing I was pleased to read from the article in […]

The Ultimate Tokyo Travel Guide for Food Lovers


Tokyo, Japan’s mega city, should be on the radar for anyone who loves food. It’s often considered the one of the world’s capitals of dining, and far outdoes any other city in the world when it comes to the number of official registered restaurants in the city – the staggering number, 160,000 restaurants (source) – […]

Kobe Beef Tacos at the Renaissance Hotel, Phoenix


I have a good friend that works as chef and supervisor at the Renaissance Phoenix hotel. When I was in Phoenix, I didn’t come to stay at the hotel, but instead my friend invited me to tour the kitchen and taste some of his specialities, one of them… Kobe beef tacos. For many many years (and […]