PHOTO: Drying Fish in Sri Lanka


Drying Fish in Sri Lanka Fish is very common in Sri Lankan food, and one way to preserve it is by drying it. Along the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka, there were lots of fish dehydrating in the hot sun.

PHOTO: Non Smiling But Friendly Man


  Non Smiling But Friendly Man   This guy may look mean in the photo, but he’s the one who politely asked me if I’d take his photo in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Similar to the waiter at the best Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, he put on a tough grin when I took his portrait, but he… [Read More]

PHOTO: Dancing in Colombo

Dancing in Colombo

Colombo, Sri Lanka While walking around Colombo one day, music and cymbals could be heard, and soon a festive parade rounded the corner. Despite the intense heat, many were dancing and celebrating with lots of energy.

Photo: Sri Lankan Fruit Store

Sri Lanka Fruit Seller

Fruit Store, Kandy, Sri Lanka If you’ve read Migrationology before, you probably already known that I consider fruit to be one of the world’s most amazing things. Fruit is specifically designed only to be eaten. The delicious fruit store in Kandy, Sri Lanka, was beautiful – and the vendor was slicing away and giving us… [Read More]

Photo: Charming a Cobra in Colombo


I thought that watching a cobra snake charmer in Sri Lanka was one of the coolest things to do in Colombo. It was really entertaining to watch! The movements of both the snake and the charmer were equally interesting. Also see my Colombo travel video if you have a few moments!

Sri Lankan Pol Sambol Recipe and Adventure

Sri Lankan Pol Sambol Recipe

Though I thoroughly enjoyed just about all the Sri Lankan food I tasted on my visit, I developed an unstoppable addiction to something known as pol sambol. Sri Lankan pol sambol is a shredded coconut garnish that includes just a few simple ingredients mixed together into perfect harmony. Grandma, who cooked the best curry in… [Read More]