Muslim Nasi Padang – Rice and Curry in Singapore


When you travel, sometimes the circumstances don’t always work out for you to eat wherever you wanted to, or wherever you had planned to eat. Things happen, you get really hungry, your directions don’t seem to match up… all sorts of unplanned things happen. Yes some of my most memorable meals are a result of no planning,… [Read More]

A Weekend of Eating in Singapore with Chowzter


Chowzter is global community of local food experts (bloggers) who each share photos and articles about food in their own local city or community. I’ve been the Bangkok representative now for a number of years. For the past couple of years Chowzter has hosted a food awards event, where a number of food bloggers get… [Read More]

17 Reasons You Know You Love Southeast Asia


Migration Mark has been in South East Asia since March of 2009 and has grown to love a few serious things but mostly the extraordinarily quirky things. 1. Chili Peppers…Please! I grew up eating food with spice and sometimes with chili.  Throughout SE Asia however, I have nurtured my ever craving lust for the succulent… [Read More]

Singapore Chicken Rice


Throughout my brief stay in Singapore, I willingly indulged in various famed Hainanese style chicken rice platters.  Chicken rice is rather famous in Singapore for being a food to rely upon, something that is made with simple ingredients, but made correctly as a homey comfort dish. Singapore chicken rice is as far away from regular… [Read More]