17 Reasons You Know You Love Southeast Asia


Migration Mark has been in South East Asia since March of 2009 and has grown to love a few serious things but mostly the extraordinarily quirky things. 1. Chili Peppers…Please! I grew up eating food with spice and sometimes with chili.  Throughout SE Asia however, I have nurtured my ever craving lust for the succulent […]

Singapore Chicken Rice


Throughout my brief stay in Singapore, I willingly indulged in various famed Hainanese style chicken rice platters.  Chicken rice is rather famous in Singapore for being a food to rely upon, something that is made with simple ingredients, but made correctly as a homey comfort dish. Singapore chicken rice is as far away from regular […]

A Golden Stumble Upon: Singapore’s Golden Mile Food Center


After devouring 3 meals I asked a lady what the name of this magnificent two story buffet mall was named.  “Oden hawker center,” she replied, and briskly walked away.  I wasn’t satisfied.  I walked around, circulating the premises a number of times, before I saw the sign, “Golden Mile Food Center.”  Without realizing it, I […]