In this blog post I’m going to share with you my exact travel packing list.

And I’m talking, you’re about to get the FULL list of exactly everything I take with me when I travel, and everything I need to run this blog, film and edit food videos on the road.

I hope that by sharing my travel packing list with you, you’ll get some ideas about how you can adapt it to your specific travel needs.

Let’s get started…

The bags and backpacks I use
The bags and backpacks I use

Backpacks / Bags

The bags I use have changed over the years, especially since getting married and also having to carry around more camera equipment and electronics to run my blog and make videos, but here’s my basic setup now:

what camera does Mark Wiens use
Camera gear and electronics

Camera Gear / Electronics

Clothes when you travel
Unless you need specific location clothing, you don’t need too much clothing when you travel.


For clothing in this travel packing list, you really need to adapt it to your own needs.

These are exactly the clothes I typically travel with, but decide for yourself how many extras of everything you want to carry.

And also, for this clothing section especially it’s just a guide, because you always need to adapt to the climate or place you’ll be going (Ex. if I was traveling somewhere cold I’d need a big jacket).

A quick note on laundry: My wife and I never bother with taking the time or effort (or expense) to do laundry when we travel, but instead we wash our clothes in the sink of our hotel or place we’re staying. It’s so much cheaper, faster, and easier, and only takes a few minutes every day.

Toiletries travel packing list
The toiletries I use


Note: When it comes to toiletries, just about everything I ever need is available in the country / city I visit, and so I don’t worry too much about other toiletries like shavers, even toothpaste, or other essentials. If I happen to run out, I get a local version wherever I am.

travel packing checklist
Passport, money, wallet

Important Documents and Cards

travel packing list
Here’s everything I include in my travel packing list


I’m not an ultra light minimalist packer, but at the same time I carry a concise amount of things because I know how much more comfortable the travel experience is the lighter your bag.

My general philosophy for any travel packing list is to carry the things you need to be comfortable with and have the tools you need to create what you plan to do, and that’s it.

Hope this travel packing list helps you when you’re packing for your next trip!

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