Tips on How to Drink Yerba Mate

What is Yerba Mate?

I’ve always been a fan of tasting new beverages – especially when it’s the cultualy appropriate thing to do. Not sure if you know this about me or not, but after graduating from University I set out to Argentina to complete a TESOL course for teaching English. My time in the exciting city of Buenos […]

Photo Favorite: The Devil’s Mouth, Iguazu Falls, Argentina


Location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina Your mind plays tricks if you look into the Devil’s Mouth for too long; I started seeing things, hallucinating, that feeling of not knowing if you’re the one moving or the water. Staring at Iguaza Falls in Argentina gave that same awe-struck jelly leg sensation, similar to looking up at the […]

Photo Favorite: Open view of Cerro Fitz Roy, Patagonia, Argentina


Location: Cerro Fitz Roy Mountain, Patagonia, Argentina After taking a TEFL course in Buenos Aires in 2008, I headed south to catch a glimpse and do some hiking through Patagonia. Though my tropical skin didn’t adapt too well to the frigid conditions, I witnessed a few of the most impressive natural mountainous landscapes and glaciers […]

15 Ways To Have a Blast in Buenos Aires


I spent about 3 months in Buenos Aires taking a TESOL course.  This is my list of ways to have fun (mostly in order) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  If you have spent time in BA and know other ways to have a blast in Buenos Aires, I’d love to hear your comments! 1.  Boca Juniors Football Match at La Bombonera In […]

Taking a TESOL Course in Buenos Aires

Mark in Buenos Aires, Argentina

With the barest essential of all plans, I jetted to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to take a one month Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) course with TEFL International Buenos Aires.  Apparently, TESOL and TEFL are practically the same thing. Still dazzled and overwhelmed with kilos of beef due to my recent landing in Argentina, the course […]

How to Drink Yerba Mate: The Tea of Argentina

Little did I know the wonderful health benefits that the detoxifying tea provided, until returning to the United States and shopping at an organic health crazed grocery store. Mate is consumed from a traditional gourd, or cup. Mate herb is filled into the gourd and a metal straw is placed into the leaves. Hot water […]