Phuket Market: A Delicious Experience at Talad Kaset


There’s one thing I never get tired of doing in Thailand: Visiting markets. And along with beautiful beaches, one of the things I love doing most when I’m in Phuket is going to the local fresh wet market. Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร ภูเก็ต), located in Phuket Town, is a huge fresh wet market, packed with ingredients of… [Read More]

Savelberg – European Fine Dining in Bangkok


Bangkok has been expanding and developing rapidly in the department of high-end international restaurants. One restaurant that recently opened, started by Chef Henk Savelberg, a renowned chef from the Netherlands, is Savelberg. Chef Henk Savelberg is a well known chef, having been awarded Michelin stars at not just one, but four different restaurants in the Netherlands…. [Read More]

Teredo Navalis – Look Like Worms, Taste Like Clams (แกงเลียงเพรียง)


I’ve been exploring some of Thailand’s most exotic dishes, so along with eating raw pig’s blood soup in Chiang Rai, and tadpoles in Isaan, we headed to Trat Province to source and eat something known as shipworms or priyang talay (เพรียงทะเล) in Thai. Right after we finished harvesting some lamp shell fish from the Gulf of… [Read More]

Doi Chaang – How To Visit Thailand’s Coffee Paradise


Unlike Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, or even Indonesia, Thailand is not really known for its coffee. Sweet tea with an abundance of sweetened condensed milk is one of the most popular drinks of choice in Thailand, but coffee culture, is not a part of the traditional Thai society (that being said, there are some wonderful up… [Read More]