Hainanese Nyonya Food in Penang and Amazing Fish Curry


It seems that you can walk right past some of the best restaurants in Penang without knowing they are restaurants. That was certainly the case for a restaurant, located just off Chulia Street in the center of Georgetown, known as Shing Kheang Aun (新琼安饭店). Just like the old school charcoal steamboat restaurant (more about this place coming… [Read More]

Tek Sen Restaurant: Heritage Chinese Food in Penang


As soon as you arrive in Penang you’ll notice the huge Chinese influence. One of the best places to start exploring Chinese culture in Penang is by eating, and there’s no shortage of Chinese restaurants and street food stalls throughout the city. One of the more well known heritage Chinese restaurants in George Town is Tek Sen… [Read More]

Curry Noodles at Langkawi’s Laksa Carnival 2015


Malaysia is a country that loves food. And among the many incredible dishes available in the country, one of the local favorites is a dish called laksa, which loosely translates to noodles and curry. But throughout Malaysia (and even in Singapore and Thailand where laksa can be compared to khanom jeen) almost every state has their own… [Read More]

Wantan Mee in Penang at Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee


Malaysian style kon lou wantan mee is typically a dish of egg noodles in a black sauce, topped with dumplings, slices of char siu, and boiled choi sum. When I was in Penang, I went to a food stall right in the heart of George Town called Lebuh Acheh Wantan Mee for a simple, yet pretty tasty… [Read More]