Photo Favorite: Coast at the Bali Fish Market


Location: Bali, Indonesia In an effort to buy some fresh fish and have a meal prepared by the Bali House of Life Orphanage, we headed to the central Bali fish market.  It was mid morning and the fishing boats were all docked, waiting for their next fishing voyage at night. It wasn’t quite as energetic… [Read More]

What to Do When You Find Yourself in Jakarta

View of Jakarta from National Monument

I spent 4 days in Jakarta before proceeding onwards in my journey through Indonesia towards Yogyakarta to climb Mt. Merapi and check out the Borobudur temple complex.  Jakarta is a massive bustling metropolis that can be somewhat overwhelming. If you don’t just want to spend time getting lost in Jakarta’s labyrinth (which is usually a great thing… [Read More]

17 Reasons You Know You Love Southeast Asia


Migration Mark has been in South East Asia since March of 2009 and has grown to love a few serious things but mostly the extraordinarily quirky things. 1. Chili Peppers…Please! I grew up eating food with spice and sometimes with chili.  Throughout SE Asia however, I have nurtured my ever craving lust for the succulent… [Read More]

Trek From Mayoyao to Batad (Part I)


This is Part I of a 2 part series of a wondrous hike through the gorgeous 2000 year old paradise rice terraces of Mayoyao where one is not just a tourist but a family friend to the magnificent rising amphitheater of Batad, in the Ifugao province of the Philippines. I sloppily released a mouthful of… [Read More]

9 Days In Sumatra


I landed in the semi chaotic and slightly overwhelming, sprawling capital city of Sumatra, Medan. The streets were loaded with hungry motorists, racing for an edge over their competition. Hawkers hustled for the next Rupiah, eating portions of rice along the way, yelling their product for the street to hear. On my first night I… [Read More]