A Night at Hong Kong’s Notorious Chungking Mansions


Picture a group of muscular Nigerians in tank-tops and flip-flops, a Sikh man in a freshly wrapped turban, an entire Filipino family, a group of African mama’s dressed in traditional West African dresses and dragging blue and red plaid gunny sacks, a couple of Japanese tourists sporting “Hello Kitty” with rolling suitcases, Indians in overly… [Read More]

5 Conclusions About Late Night Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Stacks of Dim Sum

The culture of late night Hong Kong Dim Sum is a manifesting statement that appears to have developed throughout all of antiquity. It is through the lens of these ambrosial dumplings situated on bamboo steamers at uncommon hours where whole new worlds are cracked and observed from the depths of the concrete canyons of Hong… [Read More]

3 Days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong View from Window

A three day break from teaching English in Thailand was clearly a justifying claim for a brief excursion to Hong Kong from Bangkok.  I arrived mid afternoon to the very friendly and high tech airport. The airport link train located literally inside of the airport was an easy ride to Hong Kong train station. Through… [Read More]