A Tour of Darajani Market in Stone Town, Zanzibar


No matter where you travel, one of the best ways to experience local life is to explore the local fresh market. Markets are not only where things are sold and traded, but they are also where people congregate to socialize, meet friends, and eat. Located just on the edge of the ancient lanes of Stone Town… [Read More]

The Ultimate Zanzibar Travel Guide for Food Lovers


Introduction When I was a kid, I spent the majority of my growing up years in East Africa. I dreamt about visiting Zanzibar, experiencing the mix of cultures, exploring the narrow lanes of Stone Town, and sampling the delicious coastal cuisine. Pictures of pristine turquoise waters and white sand kept me inspired, and I knew I had to visit… [Read More]

VIDEO: Zanzibar pizza


(Watch Zanzibar pizza on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/fbbagObk7t4) On the island of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania, they make a little snack known as a Zanzibar pizza. With influences from India and the Middle East, how they came up with this combination of ingredients, and how a Zanzibar pizza became famous remains a mystery… [Read More]