Photo: Ancient Hypostyle Hall at the Temple of Karnak


Egypt is full of truly magnificent historical attractions. One of the most fascinating sites I visited while in the country was the temple of Karnak located in Luxor, Egypt. Though the entire complex was memorable, the great hypostyle hall was what really made me gasp – these pillars are HUGE!

Ful Medames – Egyptian Staple Beans of Delight


It’s a pretty safe bet that any form of food that has been found within a tomb from thousands of years ago, must have been a culinary hit. Remnants of Ful Medames were uncovered in a number of the 12th Dynasty (1991-1786 B.C.) Pharonic tombs in Egypt. Today, there’s no doubt that the dish is… [Read More]

Photo Favorite: Cairo on Fire


Location: Cairo, Egypt There’s a brilliant orange in the sky that could only be formed when the sun meets the dry heat and pollution of Cairo. Peering at the city at dusk is flabbergasting, an infinite series of ancient looking brown buildings that are dwarfed in the distance by the perfect triangles that poke through… [Read More]