VIDEO: Thai basil chicken recipe (cooking Thai food!)


(Here’s the link to the video: When in University, I used to do a lot of cooking. But then, as I began traveling full time, cooking became less and less a part of my life. That is until settling in Thailand, where I finally had the facility to cook again! I love to cook, […]

VIDEO: Cemepdak fruit


(You can watch it on YouTube here: This is a fruit video from a while back, but it’s still one of my favorite fruits ever! A cempedak fruit, known in Thai as a champada, is a wonderful and exotic southeast Asian fruit. Though similar to the more common jackfruit, a cempedak is far superior […]

VIDEO: Pad See Ew – Thai Noodles You’ll Love!


In Thailand, there are a number of famous fried noodle dishes like Pad Thai and Pad See Ew. In this video I head to a local Bangkok neighborhood restaurant to order a freshly prepared plate of pad see ew. Isn’t she an amazing cook!? Watch the video now… (If you can’t see the video, watch it […]

VIDEO: Thai Breakfast Jok (Rice Congee)


One of the greatest Thai breakfast dishes is jok, or Thai rice congee porridge. The rice porridge is smooth and comforting, normally served with small pork meat balls, and a request of a soft boiled egg dropped inside. A bowl of jok is garnished with slices of ginger, a drizzle of soy sauce, sometimes vinegar, […]

VIDEO: Thai Isaan Food at One of My Favorite Restaurants in Bangkok


Ok, I’ll admit, I have A LOT of favorite restaurants in Bangkok, and Som Tam Pu Maa (ส้มตำปูม้า) is one of them. This restaurants, which is located in Thonburi just off Charan Sanitwang, serves an outsanding array of Thai Isaan food that originates from Isaan, in the northwest of Thailand. (If you can’t see the […]