Thai Food TV Show in Thailand (& I’ll Be the One Eating)


About two months ago I received an email (in Thailand)… It went something along the lines of this: “Hi Mark Wiens, we’ve seen your YouTube videos, and we like how you express your passion for food. We’re producing a food tv show documentary about Thai food, and we’d like you to be part of it.” At first […]

Yamazato Restaurant – Fine Japanese Food in Bangkok


Having recently visited Tokyo, I’ve still been dreaming and re-living in my mind all the amazing food I ate when I was there. From sashimi to sukiyaki, there were so many incredibly memorable meals I ate in Japan. Back to home base in Bangkok, and there’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants. My wife Ying and I, were invited to […]

Nang Loeng Market – Food and History You Should Experience in Bangkok


You can actually feel history in the atmosphere when you step foot in Bangkok’s Nang Loeng Market (ตลาดนางเลิ้ง). Though it’s located right in the heart of the city, about a 5 minute walk from Democracy Monument, follow the lane into the market from the main road, and you’ll immerse yourself into one of the most well preserved […]

Get Your “Eat More Tom Yum” T-shirt Now

Get it now!

Just wanted to write a quick note, in case you haven’t already seen this on Facebook or by e-mail. Over the past few months, you might have seen me wearing the “Eat More Tom Yum” t-shirt in some videos on YouTube. I tested out a bunch of shirts, and finally I decided to launch a […]