The Dirty and The Delicious

The Dirty and The Delicious

The Dirty and The Delicious

The Dirty and The Delicious: Epic Meals From 20 Countries


Hey, I'm Mark, and I love eating food from all over the world!

“I love food, and traveling is my fork and spoon.”

Traveling is not only about visiting a certain destination in this world and then checking off each of the famous attractions in the area. It’s about experiencing a culture, about doing things the way other people do things, and of course about eating and sampling local food!

Food – Universal Currency

Food is a universal world currency – and the great thing is that cuisine changes substantially everywhere you travel!

What You’ll Get

The Dirty and The Delicious is a compilation of 20 countries I have recently traveled to and the mouthwatering food that I have encountered in each destination.

Somewhere in this world, I developed an acute fascination of delicious things – many found in dirty places.

I do enjoy fancy meals from time to time as well, but I find that it’s often the street stalls that scream with cultural character.

The relationship between food and culture is one of the strongest bonds.

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– Mark Wiens