eBook: 101 Things To Do In Bangkok

eBook: 101 Things To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok has a multitude of attractions.

Fascinating historical sites, jaw-dropping palaces, shopping madness, and infinite quantities of delicious food are all abundant.

You’ll gawk at golden temples, shop-til-you-drop at sprawling markets, and taste food that will make you jump up and down for joy.

Bangkok is loaded!

But, with so many world class attractions for you to contemplate, it can be challenging to choose the things you want to do.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created the “eBook: 101 Things To Do In Bangkok,” – a 3.5 year compilation of what I think are the top things to do while you’re in town.

Within the eBook I’ve also included some of my personal tips and suggestions so you can make the most of your time in Bangkok.

Is it for me?It's for you!

YES it’s for you! And here’s why:

I’ve personally selected a range of different activities that cater to both short term visitors and long term residents.

This eBook is a collection of useful ideas and tips that will assist you in fully exploring Bangkok. It’s not only meant to be a list of attractions, but also a wake up call to the endless possibilities and opportunities that Bangkok presents.

With this guide, you’ll have Bangkok at your fingertips!

If you are a…

  • First-time Bangkok visitor
  • Many-time Bangkok visitor
  • Short-term Bangkok resident
  • Long-term Bangkok resident

or if you are…

  • Planning a trip to Bangkok
  • Interested in Bangkok
  • Want to learn about Bangkok

this guide is absolutely for you!

Here’s what you’re about to get in this 137-page guide:

  • 101 awesome things to do in Bangkok
  • Google map plotted with all the attractions
  • Descriptions
  • Visiting information
  • Directions in English
  • Directions written in Thai script (extremely handy to show a taxi driver)
  • Every attraction includes a beautiful photograph (all photos in the eBook are mine, apart from a few which I’ve noted)

And that’s not all…

At first I was just going to create a guide including 101 attractions, but the more I wrote, the more I kept thinking of other ideas.

So now, the eBook not only includes 101 things to do, but also some super useful information about where to stay, what to eat, and how to get around.

  • Airport information
  • Accommodation
  • Bangkok transportation guide
  • 10 of my personal favorite Thai dishes
  • Thai cultural information
  • Hospital information
  • Overview of prices in Bangkok

Sneak preview…

And in case you’re wondering how the guide looks, here are some screenshots.

Bangkok eBook

Bangkok travel guide

Bangkok attractions

Bangkok travel guide

About MarkHey, I'm Mark

Hi, I’m Mark!

I flew into Bangkok in early 2009 with no intention of staying longer than whatever amount of time I felt necessary.

And guess what? I’m still here.

I love to wander, explore, and discover new things… and everyday in Bangkok offers a brand new adventure.

Bangkok is a city that’s loaded with an overwhelming quantity of attractions (and food), and that’s why I’ve grown to love it so much.

It’s my intention that this guide will spark adventures and supply you with ideas which will assist you in discovering the wonders of Bangkok.

Thank you for all your support!

– Mark

Here’s what others are saying…

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How much does it cost?Get it Risk Free!

Since I want you to be able to use all the information compiled into this guide, I’ve decided to make the price extremely low.

That’s right, 137 pages of insanely useful Bangkok information for only $3.99 (think about it, that’s like half the cost of a meal)!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

I give you my personal risk-free guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

(I only do this because I’m confident you’ll love it)

What is an eBook?

It is a digital guide in PDF format.

This means that as soon as you press the big orange “Add to Cart” button, you’ll be able to download the guide and have instant access to all 137 pages on your computer.

And… it only takes seconds!

101 things to do in Bangkok

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