VIDEO: Stand Up Paddleboarding in Hawaii

By Mark Wiens 2 Comments

Paddleboarding is A LOT of fun!

Thank you for watching the video!

(if you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on Youtube!)


Here’s a quick video of my first time paddleboarding in Hawaii.

Paddleboarding is kind of a cross between normal surfing, windsurfing, and kayaking. You use a long board that is wide in order to make it easier to balance. Instead of riding waves you stand up on the board and use a long paddle to cruise through the water.

It can be challenging because of the ripples in the water and the small waves in the ocean, but I can assure you that paddleboarding is a lot of fun!

If you haven’t watched the video, make sure you click play above!

Have you ever gone paddleboarding?

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  • Jarret

    11 years ago

    You’re vids are awesome man. Good soundtracks too! Haha. Looks like you had fun here.

    • Jarret

      11 years ago

      My friends have a bunch of stand ups so I actually get to go out pretty often. It’s extra fun if there’s waves too. I just took a trip to seoul and your vid helped a lot! Thanks!