VIDEO: 25 Attractions in Seoul

By Mark Wiens 4 Comments

(if you can’t see the video, here’s the Seoul video on Youtube)

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Seoul Attractions
Seoul Attractions

You may have already seen the article on things to do in Seoul, but I thought I would also make a video…

So here are 25 of the best attractions and things to see when you visit Seoul, South Korea.

Also included in the video are prices of each attractions (when available).

What would you be most interested to see in Seoul?

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  • Kieu ~ GQ trippin

    12 years ago

    You’re timing is awesome – we’re in Seoul!! So far we have yet to scratch the surface with your list, but we still have one more week. 😉

  • 360 Photography

    12 years ago

    Great info – I’m kind of tossing up between a visit to South Korea and a visit to Japan at the moment. I’m trying to work out which one I’ll enjoy more and your video definitely gave me some ideas.

    And I love the look of some of that food…

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      Great to hear that, I’ve actually never been to Japan, so I can’t really say which country I enjoy more, but I know both countries have lots to offer!