101 Things To Do in Nairobi, Kenya

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Things to do in Nairobi are organized into these main categories:

Animal Attractions in Nairobi

nairobi-national-park1. Nairobi National Park

The city of Nairobi boasts it’s very own national game park where lions and buffalo’s roam free! It is located just moments away from the city center and is one of the best Nairobi attractions. Don’t miss a safari at Nairobi National Park!

2. Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk, funded by the Kenya Wildlife Service is a great way to learn about the animals of Kenya and to view the various natural environments Kenya has to offer. It is located at the headquarters of Nairobi National Park.

nairobi-safari-walk3. Nairobi Animal Orphanage

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is a shelter of abandoned or injured wild animals. The Nairobi animal orphanage offers visitor a chance to see wildlife up close and personal and even pet a cheetah!

photo credit Craft*ology

sheldrick-elephant-nairobi4. Visit an Elephant at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Orphaned baby elephants and rhinos are cared for and offered a chance to survive at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. The roly polly baby elephants are fed with monster baby bottles and run around the compound gingerly.

Open: 11am-12pm daily, 500 KES donation or more

5. Stand as Tall as a Giraffe at Nairobi Giraffe Centre

Nairobi Giraffe Centre, you can see these magically cumbersome animals up close and personal. Feed lanky giraffes from a platform and even touch a giraffe tongue! A popular activity in Nairobi, Kenya!

Langata Rd Nairobi 00509, Kenya, Tel: +254 20 891658

6. Nairobi Butterfly Centre

The Nairobi Butterfly Centre is a sanctuary for beautiful butterflies from around Africa. Seeing thousands of butterflies is a great Nairobi attraction!

Note: At the time of writing this, the butterfly centre is closed for renovation, check to see if it is open!

nairobi-snake-park7. Nairobi Snake Park

Not only can you see black mambas and puff adders at Nairobi Snake Park, there are also lizards, birds, crocodiles, turtles and fish! The Nairobi snake park was recently renovated and if you enjoy snakes or reptiles, this Nairobi attraction can’t be missed!

Located at the Nairobi National Museum compound, Museum Hill, Nairobi, Kenya

8. Nairobi Mamba Village

Nairobi Mamba Village is a giant resort park, including activities, a hotel, restaurants, opportunities for relaxing in gardens and a crocodile farm! It’s a great place to escape the city and enjoy Nairobi’s beautiful green scenery and fresh air!

The Nairobi Mamba Village

Lang’ata North Road

P.O Box 74760, Nairobi, Kenya

ostrich-farm-nairobi9. Ride an Ostrich and Eat It at the Maasai Ostich Farm!

Maasai Ostrich Resort is located on the outskirts of Nairobi in a town called Kitengela. For 200 KSH, adults can ride around on an awkward ostrich with spotters.

Afterwards, don’t forget to indulge in a plate of excellent grilled ostrich or a juicy ostrich burger!

Eating in Nairobi

nyama-choma-nairobi10. Eat Kenyan Nyama Choma

Feasting on nyama choma, grilled meat, is the pride and joy and easily one of the best things to do in Nairobi. Chunks of roasted goat sliced on a cutting board before you and accompanied by a pile of salt, some pili pili (chili) and kachumbari (tomatoes and onions) is simply phenomenal!

Eating Kenyan style nyama choma should make the top things to do in Nairobi on anyone’s list!

smart-village-ethiopian-food11. Nairobi Ethiopian Food

Outside of Ethiopia, Nairobi boasts some of the best Ethiopian cuisine in the world. Most Ethiopian restaurants in Nairobi are concentrated around the Yaya Center area.

I would recommend the famous Habesha Restaurant or the heavenly Smart Village restaurant Nairobi.

slush-bajias-nairobi12. Snack on Bajias

Originally bajias are an Indian snack, but they have evolved by African flavored influences to create a sensational treat in Nairobi.

Try the best bajias at either Diamond Plaza or Slush Bajias located at Village Market.

burger-hut-nairobi13. Burger Hut Nairobi

Claimed to be the best burger in East Africa and living up to all expectations, the greasy Double Hut burger from Burger Hut Nairobi in Westlands is pure pleasure!

nairobi-carnivore14. Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi

It’s unfortunate that the famous Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi doesn’t serve game meat anymore, however, it still serves a bountiful array of delicious tender roasted meats.

The meats are grilled over coals on a sword and carved directly onto your plate. Eating at the Carnivore has long been one of the most popular things to do in Nairobi.  The next door Simba Saloon Restaurant is also a great!

Photo credit nickfarnhill

15. Kenchic Inn Nairobi

Nairobi’s finest fast food chain is known as Kenchic Inn. They serve some fantastic fried chicken and great chips (French fries) to go with it! There are locations scattered over Nairobi city.

nairobi-indian-food16. Eat Indian Food

Indians have blended into Nairobi for centuries bringing with them their culinary masterpieces. Along with Kenyan food and Ethiopian food, Nairobi has a wide selection of excellent Indian restaurants. Parklands and Diamond Plaza are fantastic areas to eat Indian at.

For higher end Indian restaurants consider:

nairobi-food17. Kenyan Street Food

Local Kenyan food is normally quite starch oriented and filling. Try the local ugali, githeri, sukuma wiki, cabbage, irio, beans, and African chapatis.

18. Grilled Maize

Mature field corn grilled over coals on makeshift grills and then rubbed with chili salt and lime is a filling and appealing Nairobi snack! As far as Nairobi attractions go, eating grilled maize is high up there!

19. Smokey Cart

Cooked by the sun in a farmers choice push carts, and swimming in their own greases, Smokey’s (similar to Nyama Bites) are some of Nairobi’s unhealthiest treats!

tusker-beer-kenya20. Have a Tusker

One of the more popular things to do in Nairobi is sit down at a bar and enjoy a famous Tusker Kenyan beer!

21. Micro Brewery at Brew Bistro Nairobi

Brew Bistro Nairobi is a recently opened micro brewery located near Nakumatt Junction. It serves a variety of micro brewed ales, stout beers and optional food.

stoney-tangawizi22. Stoney Tangawizi Soda

If you like spicy and burning (I do), drink a Stoney. Stoney tangawizi is the absolute strongest ginger soda I’ve had anywhere in the world, it sometimes gives the wasabi effect on the nose. I highly believe that Stoney is the most superior soda in the world, making it in the top things to do in Nairobi!

23. Drink Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is famous for coffee, though most of the good stuff is immediately exported. For quality Kenyan coffee, head to the Nairobi Java House chain, with locations all over the city.

24. Drink Kenyan Chai

Kenya is not only famous for coffee, but tea as well. Kenyans like to drink there tea with lots of sugar and lot of milk, calling it chai.

25. Eat a Samosa

There’s no better snack than a Nairobi style samosa. Samosas are meat or vegetable triangles, lightly spiced, placed in a pastry wrapper and deep fried. Find samosas all over Nairobi!

Shopping in Nairobi

26. Utamaduni Arts and Crafts Center Nairobi

Utamaduni Craft Center is “the one stop African market,” selling a vast array of trinkets, souvenirs and tourist items. The prices are fixed, making the shopping less of a hassle but usually a bit more expensive.

27. Art Gallery Watatu

Gallery Watatu is one of the best art galleries in Nairobi showcasing modern African creative artists like George Lilanga and ES Tingatinga. Kenya also has an amazing scene of Tribal Art, if you are interested.
Location: 1st Floor, Lonrho House
Kaunda Street
P. O. Box 41855
Nairobi, Kenya
Website: http://www.gallerywatatu.com/

28. Kenyatta Market

Filled with an assortment of hair salons and market stalls, Kenyatta Market is a great place to do a little people watching and shopping in Nairobi. There is also a row of some of Nairobi’s best nyama choma grilled meat!

city-market-nairobi29. City Market

City Market in downtown Nairobi is mostly filled with African souvenirs, but also includes a local meat and fish market and a flower market.

30. Kazuri Bead Factory

The Nairobi Kazuri Bead factory is home to Kenyan hand made ceramic beads as well as pottery and fine leather bags. It is a great place to look around or purchase a few very high quality authentic Kenyan gifts.

kitengela-glass-kenya31. Kitengela Glass

Kitengela Glass is located on the outskirts of Nairobi on the edge of Nairobi National Park. It is home to a creative mixture artists who create intricate glass sculptures and abstract glass creations.

Photo credit rachelhamada

32. Banana Hill Artists

Banana Hill is a local Kenyan village located just outside of Nairobi. The small town has a few art galleries and is also a great place to get a better feel for local Kenyan life. Check out the Banana Hill Artists for more information.

city-park-hawkers-nairobi33. City Park Hawkers

City Park Hawkers is a huge fresh fruit and vegetable market in the Parklands area of Nairobi. In the back of the market, there are a number of others businesses and a few smoking nyama choma joints that get packed at lunch time hours.

A visit to City Park Hawkers market is one of the greatest things to do in Nairobi!

masaai-market-nairobi34. Maasai Market

The epitome of Kenyan curio and souvenir shopping all comes down to Maasai Market. The market is located at different shopping centers around Nairobi on different days of the week. Purchase anything from wood carvings to antiques to pieces of cloth.

For more information of where the Maasai Market is located on different days, take a look at this forum.

Nairobi Maasai Market is so famous that it is definitely included in Nairobi guides as a shopping attraction.

35. Spinner’s Web

The Spinner’s Web showroom in Nairobi is another place to get high quality Kenyan handicrafts and souvenirs. Purchase great home decor and useful pottery at Spinner’s Web.

gikomba-market-nairobi36. Gikomba Market

Gikomba Market is one of Nairobi’s largest local style markets where shoppers rummage through bundles of clothing in a chaotic mess that bursts with surging energy. There are extreme deals and great things waiting to be found! If you are searching for clothes or an off the beat Nairobi attractions, Gikomba is one of the most energetic things to do in Nairobi!

Note: Due to it’s crowds and action, it’s best to go with a a few Kenyan friends.

Photo credit man pix

toi-market-nairobi37. Toi Market

Toi Market is Nairobi’s largest second hand markets, offering great clothes, music, dvds, salons, and a selection of fresh produce!

Toi Market is located just off Ngong road, not far from Kibera slum.

triangle-market-nairobi38. Triangle Market (Blue Dukas)

Triangle market is located in the Westlands area of Nairobi, opposite the roundabout from Sarit Center. The market is stocked full of Kenyan handicrafts and souvenirs with some great bargaining deals!

39. Sarit Center

Sarit Center, known as the “city within a city,” is located in the Westlands area. With tons of stores, a theater, food court, and a huge supermarket, Sarit Center is one of East Africa’s largest shopping malls.

village-market-nairobi40. Village Market

The Village Market is a sprawling shopping center and recreational complex that boasts over 150 stores, a glorious food court, Friday Maasai Market, a bowling alley and a theater.

If you are in the mood for a little Westernized entertainment and setting, visit Nairobi’s Village Market. There are all kinds of things to do and see at Village Market!

41. Yaya Center

Yaya Center is yet another shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya that consist’s of over 100 stores and offices. The trendy shopping center has a vast array of stores to suit all your needs.

daimond-plaza-nairobi42. Diamond Plaza

Diamond Plaza is Nairobi’s Indian shopping plaza. Looking for Indian clothes, perfumes, Bollywood films, or some of Nairobi’s cheapest yummy Indian food? Diamond Plaza, known as DP, has you covered!

43. Shop at a Duka

Duka’s are the tiny convenient stores located and each and every corner of Nairobi. Buy something of just have a coke at one of the many dukas littering Nairobi.

44. Biashara Street

Biashara Street, which means business in Kiswahili, is located in downtown Nairobi. The street is lined with fabric stores, making it the best place to shop for cloth in Nairobi.

45. Panari Sky Center

Located out on Mombasa Road, the Panari Sky Center is a sleek modern shopping center and hotel in Nairobi. It houses a number of boutiques, banks, and an entertainment center that includes East Africa’s first ice skating rink!

46. Nakumatt

The Nakumatt chain of mega stores located throughout Nairobi is a grocery and everything else combined super store. From groceries to household item, Nakumatt will have you covered!

47. Uchumi

Uchumi Supermarkets are the only competition for Nakumatt, and they don’t seem to be doing nearly as well. That being said, Uchumi is also a great grocery super center store with locations around Nairobi.

nairobi-antiques48. Search for Antiques

As a trading and international hub, Nairobi has it’s share of authentic African antiques coming from all over East and Central Africa. Searching for authentic antiques can be a challenge, but an entertaining and adventurous challenge! For more information on authentic African antiques contact Jones and Key.

bata-safari-boots49. Bata Safari Boots

Pick up a fresh pair of authentic East African Safari boots at Bata. “Hair on,” is the most recent edition to these timeless classics!

Entertainment in Nairobi

matatu-nairobi50. Ride a Matatu

Matatu public minibuses in Nairobi are notorious for their hazardous driving skills and their lack of consideration for other motorists. Bass thumping music, tv screens and shouting touts adds to the thrilling matatu culture in Nairobi.

Here is and awesome matatu guide to help you ride a matatu wherever you need to go on your route of things to do in Nairobi!

51. Ice Skating

Believe it or not, Nairobi has it’s very own ice skating rink. The ice rink, located at the Panari Sky Center was built as a Nairobi attractions draw for people from all over East Africa. Don’t worry if you are not too confident of a skater, there are plenty of first timers!

52. Nairobi Nightlife

The nightlife in Nairobi is complex and always changing. Hotspots transfer from place to place depending on the crowd and the scene tends to change rapidly. That being said, there are plenty of places for a night out in Nairobi. Here are some suggestions:

Do some more research on the latest Nairobi night scene to find out where to go.

53. Safari Cat’s Dancers and Acrobats

The Safari Cat’s and Acrobats put on one of the most magnificent shows Nairobi has to offer. The performance is held at the Safari Park Hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi. Check out their website for more information and reservations.

54. Learn to Speak Sheng

Sheng is Nairobi’s very own form of street slang, combining mostly the hippest lingo from Swahili and English. Get ready to start saying things like “sema you guy,” and “is how?” Ati (sheng expression…you’ll soon figure it out).

Check out the very cool sheng dictionary.

kenyatta-center-nairobi55. Top of Kenyatta Conference Center

For a thrilling view of Nairobi’s skyline go to Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC). For 400 KSH the guard will lead you to the top of Nairobi’s tallest building for an incredible view!

photo credit olelepish

kenyan-football-match56. Watch a Football Match

Kenyans are passionate about football, local clubs and the Kenya National team. Try to attend a local football match at a stadium, but if not,  a show down between Manchester United and Arsenal on TV somewhere in Nairobi is always a good time!

photo credit tylerprieb

57. Latest Kenyan Music Scene

Many Africans seem to be born with natural skills in music and rhythm. There are quite a few musical artists from around Nairobi and East Africa that produce their latest tracks of hip hop and reggae in Nairobi. Some accommodate to the bling bling lifestyle and others poetically talk about the realities and hardships of living in Nairobi. Check out Ken Tunes.

nairobi-swimming58. Swim in a Muddy Ravine

Nairobi has quite a few muddy ravines where boys strip down naked and skinny dip! One of the more daring things to do in Nairobi!

Note: Not recommended

ngong-race-course59. Ngong Racecourse

Ngong Racecourse is home to Nairobi’s only horse races and jockey club. The racecourse is operated by the Kenya Jockey Club and is located adjacent to the Ngong Forest near Karen, Nairobi.

photo credit kenyaairways

60. Play a Round of Golf

There are many green golf courses located throughout Nairobi. Shoot a round of golf and escape the clogged traffic streets of Nairobi! For more information on the many golf courses in Kenya see golf today.

61. Go to a Nairobi Style Bash

A Nairobi bash is usually some form of night party with a great atmosphere. Often a big sponsor will put together a bash celebration that features a number of local musical artists and a flow of beverages. When in Nairobi, keep an eye out for a Nairobi bash!

62. Aga Khan Sports and Food

The Aga Khan sport club and facility in Nairobi offers a top quality cricket ground, a sports facility and a great Indian restaurant to wrap it up!

safari-sevens-kenya63. Nairobi Safari Sevens

The Kenya Safari Sevens is a fast paced rugby tournament that is held in Nairobi annually. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as fans crowd the bleachers with Tusker to watch Kenya battle against some of the toughest teams in the world. The Safari Sevens is among the most entertaining things to do in Nairobi!

photo credit whiteafrican

nairobi-marathon64. Run the Nairobi Marathon

Kenyan’s are famous for their long distance running ability. The annual Nairobi Marathon is a great activity to maximize your exercise and run along side some of the best runners in the world.

photos credit mechathomas

65. Nairobi Casinos

If you are feeling lucky, there are quite a few casions in Nairobi to choose from. Take a look at the list of Nairobi casinos here.

hair-cut-nairobi66. Get a Hair Cut

Sanitary conditions are up for consideration, but Nairobi street side barbers can give you a shave and cut to suit whatever style you can point out in a magazine!

67. Treatment at Spa Cleopatra or Chen-Ally Spa

If pampering is your cup of tea, try Spa Cleopatra. They offer a variety of treatments including massages, skin care treatments and health and beauty treatments. More information about chenAlly Spa.

68. Get Your Shoes Shined

Nairobi’s red dirt and mud comes with nightmares for anyone wearing shoes. Luckily there are scores of shoe shiners throughout Nairobi, ready at a moments notice to get your shoes looking fresh again!

69. Gym / Sauna

As Nairobi becomes more developed and more modern, more and more facilites arise and are offered. Completely nonexistent a few years ago, there are now quite a few options for fitness gyms and heath clubs in Nairobi.

70. Water Park Splash

Splash is Nairobi’s largest water theme park, full of entertaining water slides and shallow pools. On those hot days in Nairobi, Splash is a great place to cool off for the entire family! It is located out by the Carnivore restaurant.

downtown-nairobi71. Walk Around Downtown Nairobi

These days Nairobi is becoming safer as a walking destination during the daytime hours.

Start at the Hilton Nairobi and stroll around downtown Nairobi, visiting all the interesting sites along the way. If you prefer walking around in a group tour take a look at Nairobi urban tours.

72. Nairobi Mountain Biking

You can either rent a bike of go on a specific Nairobi bike tour, but either way, Nairobi has great weather for outdoor activities!

Places to Visit in Nairobi

73. Nairobi Jamia Mosque

The Jamia Mosque is the largest Islamic Mosque in Nairobi, built under Arab influence with 3 domes and 2 minarets.

Banda Street (Next to McMillan Library)

Website: http://www.islamkenya.com/

74. All Saints Cathedral

Not far from Uhuru Park close to downtown Nairobi, All Saints Cathedral is one of Nairobi’s original Anglican churches. Services are still held on Sundays. Located on Kenyatta Avenue

75. Nairobi Chapel Church

Nairobi Chapel is a huge and lively Christian church in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sunday Services: 10.30 – 12.15 noon, Jamhuri Road, near Nairobi Showground, off Ngong’ Road

hindu-temple-nairobi76. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple

Constructed of traditional supplies and carvings shipped from India, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple in Nairobi, is a stunning sight!

Located in Parklands area of Nairobi of Forest Road.

mcmillan-library-nairobi77. McMillan Memorial Library

Built in 1931, McMillan Memorial Library is the oldest library in Nairobi and houses a great selection of books and classic literature.

Banda Street (Next to Jamia Mosque)

railway-museum-nairobi78. Railway Museum – Home of the Lunatic Express

At Nairobi’s railway museum, learn about the history of the East African Railways.

Located next to the Nairobi Railway Station in downtown Nairobi.

79. Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is a great museum exhibiting displays from tribal Kenya, early human findings, and the flora and fauna from all over Kenya.

Located at Museum Hill, P.O. BOX 40658 Nairobi Kenya 00100
Open: 9:30am am to 6:00 pm, Monday – Sunday (including Public Holidays), Adults- 800/-, Below 16 years- 400/

national-archives-kenya80. Kenya National Archives

The Kenya National Archives is a museum in downtown Nairobi displaying traditional culture, antique artifacts, and Kenyan historical information. Within the museum is the former throne of Jomo Kenyatta and an interesting collection of African weapons.

Located on Moi Ave. in downtown Nairobi, close to Ambassadeur Hotel

karen-blixen-museum81. Karen Blixen Museum

Located on the outskirts of Nairobi in an area known as Karen, the Karen Blixen house became famous from the movie “Out of Africa.” Now it is open as a Kenya National Museum site.

photo credit maggs12

kenya-parliament82. Kenya Parliament

The original Kenya parliament building is characterized by it’s clock steeple in downtown Nairobi. An interesting attraction to visit in Nairobi.

Located in the City Centre of Nairobi on Parliament Rd

photo credit CokeeOrg

83. Kenyatta Mausoleum

The mausoleum of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president is adjacent to the Kenya Parliament building.

nairobi-bomb-memorial84. August Memorial Park

In remembrance of the US Embassy bombing that took place on the 7th of August, 1998, the August Memorial Park in downtown Nairobi was built. It is a small, quiet park in the midst of the downtown Nairobi hustle and bustle. Look at a map here.

Located at the corner of Moi Ave. and Haile Selassie Ave.

85. Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya is village exhibition showing cultures and traditional tribal practices of the tribes that make up Kenya. The aim of the center is to preserve, maintain, and educate people about Kenya’s diverse range of tribes.

Located in Langata area of Nairobi, check the latest rates on their website or give them a call Tel: 891391, 891801/2, 890793/5/8

86. Riuki Cultural Center

The Riuki Culture Center offers an opportunity to learn more about Kenya’s largest Kikuyu tribe through the demonstration of traditions, customs and a homestead. The Riuki Cultural Center is a great place to learn more about the people of Kenya.

kiambethu-tea-farm87. Kiambethu Tea Farm

Kiambethu Tea Farm is located just outside of Nairobi in the town of Limuru, Kenya. A tour of the Kiambethu Tea Farm provides an opportunity to see the process of growing tea as well as a delicious meal in the tea garden!

photo credit skateyb

88. Windsor Golf and Country Club

Even if you aren’t in to playing golf, the British prestigious Windsor Golf and Country club offers beautiful views of lush lawns and a wonderful place to relax and drink afternoon tea!

kiber-slum-nairobi89. Kibera Slum

Kibera is Nairobi’s biggest and one of the world’s largest slum villages. It is an entire city made from mud and tin. Visiting Kibera and observing life there, is a sober reminder to be thankful for what we have. It is possible to organize safe tours to Kibera and also get involved with volunteer opportunities.

For volunteering, here are a few sources, but I would highly advise you to do more research and ask around once in Nairobi

90. Mathare Slum

Over 500,000 people are crammed into the Mathare Valley of Nairobi, in an extremely poor slum area. There are places for you to visit and opportunities to volunteer with groups. I would advise you to do some research and make some connections once you arrive in Nairobi.

91. Volunteer with Orphaned Children

New Life Home is an orphanage home for kids who have been abandoned or have no where to go. It is an encouraging place to be yourself, hang out with kids who are in need, and offer a little love to the kids.

92. Hilton Hotel Nairobi

The Nairobi Hilton Hotel is a giant complex in central downtown Nairobi, Kenya. The hotel itself offers sort of a central meeting grounds and a great place to start walking around downtown Nairobi.

dedan-kimathi-monument93. Kimathi Statue

Dedan Kimathi was a Mau Mau Kenyan leader who fought against the rule of the colonial power of Britain. A statue in remembrance of Kimathi stands in Nairobi, Kenya, adjacent to the Nairobi Hilton hotel.

stanley-hotel-nairobi94. Stanley Hotel Nairobi

The Stanley Hotel Nairobi is a 5 star hotel with a lot of history in downtown Nairobi. Built in 1902, the Stanley has hosted Ewart Grogan, Ernest Hemingway and Edward Prince of Wales.

Photo credit monbulktravel

dandora-nairobi95. Dandora Football Club

In one of poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Nairobi, youth find hope through the sport of football. Dandora Youth Football Club offers a soccer academy and a safe and healthy environment.

Dandora is dangerous, but improvements are being made.

Parks and Green Space

uhuru-park-nairobi96. Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park on the edge of downtown Nairobi is a huge green area where political rallies and other huge public events are held.

97. Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens is Kenya’s largest memorial park, located in the quiet suburbs of Nairobi. The beautiful lush grounds are an excellent place to spend a day relaxing and having a picnic. For more information visit the Kenya National Museums website.

nairobi-arboreteum98. Nairobi Arboretum

Nairobi Arboretum is an area of Nairobi set aside as a forest reserve, displaying the beautiful plant life and scenery of plant life in Kenya. There have been a few recent security concerns, so use your own discretion before going there. The best way to visit is with a local tree walk tour. For more information click here.

99. Paradise Lost Park

Paradise Lost is a private nature reserve on the outskirts of Nairobi and is one of the most popular picnic and leisure areas Nairobi has to offer.  Caves, ancient trees, boating on a late, a waterfall and bird watching are a few of the available activities and Paradise Lost. On the weekends, picnicking at Paradise Lost is one of the more popular attractions in Nairobi! More information available here and here.

ngong-hills-nairobi100. Ngong Hills

The Ngong Hills is a forest reserve or rolling hills located just outside the city center of Nairobi. The forest sanctuary is a great place for outdoor activities like nature hiking, biking and hose riding. For more information of how to get to Ngong Hills check this site out or there are various tour agencies that offer group tours.

Photo credit flowerbeetle

garden-nairobi101. Relax in a Garden

In the suburbs of Nairobi, the yards and landscapes are simply beautiful. An afternoon tea in a lush lawn shaded by a blooming Jacaranda tree is a highlight in Nairobi.

If you made it to the end of this massive list of 101 things to do in Nairobi, Congratulations! Hope this guide gives you a few ideas of what to do in the incredible city of Nairobi, Kenya!

Check out my Nairobi Video Tour Guide!


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      Great job and great list. My husband and I first saw you on youtube on a zanzibar trip. It was an awsome video and fall inlove with zanzibar. We are now planing to visit kenya, tanzania, zambia and south africa. However, we heard its not safe to take a taxi from Nairobi airport to the city and that sometimes kidnaping accures. Is this true?. So does this mean public transport is safer?. Also am black from Quebec Canada and my husband is white, would this put us in an awkward sitiations. Perhaps the local might think am from there and they might treat me differently or my husband. Sorry my english writing is not very good i speak french.

      Thank you mark.

    • Aisha

      10 years ago

      Hello Mark

      Thank you so much for your insite. By the way my husband and I planning to stop in europe to visit, Paris, Rome, pompei, vienna and istambul via rail. Any advice on what country in Europe to stop so we can use the rail to visit the above countries. And what rail would be easer to travel on these trips. My best quess was the London rail but you seem to know so much and my husband and I are young couple and decided to work and travel together till time comes for us to settle for toddles. hehehe till then we want to travel like you. So any tips will be very much appriciated. Thanks mark. May God keep you safe on all your trips.

  • n.g.onu

    10 years ago

    Love this! Kenya is such a great country with lots of rich history. Plus its the 47th largest in the world! If you’re traveling to Kenya soon, visit Masai Mara Game Reserve; watch the Wildebeest Migration at Masai Mara (specifically from July to September); Nairobi (need I explain?); and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Center.

    SOURCE: http://www.africa.com/kenya/

  • Kamau

    10 years ago

    Yes, you can visit Uganda and Rwanda quite easily. In fact you only need one tourist re-entry visa for Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda (need to confirm this).

    • Musa Ongaro

      9 years ago

      I know several tour guides in the wider East Africa region who can assist you and ensure you have an awesome time over here!

  • Lucy

    11 years ago

    Hallo Mark,

    I was very impressed by your Video about life in Nairobi Kenya.
    You just balanced everything life of poor people and rich people.

    Well-done you that was a job done with a very kind heart.

    We Kenyans love everyone in spite of the difficulties, we try to
    stick together always. The only major problem in Kenya is
    the Gap between the poor and the rich, but we believe one day
    it will happen and all those people living in slums will one day
    own decent homes. The only question is how it will be done?

    If I happen to build an Orphan or elderly home in Kenya it will be named
    after you. Could I call the Home ‘MARKWIENS’ ?

    Do you have an e-book????

    Cheers Mark. I will never forget what you have done for my dear country.

  • Karen

    11 years ago

    I was born and bred in Nairobi…and this list is awesome! There are places even I haven’t visited. Thank you.

  • Sharon

    11 years ago

    Hey Mark, bumped into your website a while ago when I was looking for pics for my class presentation! Great pics, great website! You make me feel homesick! Keep up the great work!

  • Sam

    11 years ago

    There is also a new mall called wesgate in westlands Nairobi .ps I come from banana

  • mike

    11 years ago

    hae this is great work done and i like it am a Kenyan to have travel also but off all the place Kenya is a place to visit and to be . thank you you also need to visit the outs kites of Nairobi if you go to Kirinyaga county you will fine me mount Kenya Castro where queen Elizabeth sleep when she cam to Kenya also mwea the home of birds also the the GODS bridge so many places also eat the mukimo prepared traditional roasted bananas ,and don’t forget traditional brewed beer (muratina )and eat African sausage (mutura) much welcome all

  • Miss Winnie

    11 years ago

    First of all this list is great! job poa boss.
    however i can add this and hopefully it will be fun.-
    1. if you are coming solo or a group you can try the “home stay” from locals so you can keep it very local and your home keeper will show you around and you wont have to feel like a visitor. – i can organize home stay for you!
    2.take a matatu to thika blue post hotel which is a hotel between two water falls. serene environment, green grass ideal for picnic. which gives us the opportunity of taking advantage of our new super highway
    3.blankets and wine festival is a must (every first Sunday of the month,) or ” the Mingle” which gives you a chance to meet and mingle with new people.
    4. Try “mutura” at ozone (valley arcade ) or any other local joint (you will never stop craving)a delicacy only found in kenya.
    5keep your head up for east africa safari rallies or motor shows that hosts in nairobi- this be for car lovers.

  • Fia

    11 years ago

    I love nairobi so, sooo much 😀
    and im so glad to see that u linked @kibera tours, theese guys are great 😀 !

    • sheryl akoth

      10 years ago

      Hey ,
      We are a travel company that is interested in Hosting you in Nairobi.You can call 0700722307- i can show you around.
      Thank you

  • czarona

    11 years ago

    Hi Mark!

    Bravo! Nice stuff 🙂 Next time you are in the hood, Hola at me. I’ll make you mouth watering samosas and mandazi’s too. Yammy! Also include Paradise lost it’s a cool joint too.

  • Mimi

    11 years ago

    Blankets and Wine is pretty awesome too.

  • nick

    11 years ago

    HI ,

    Love the website and video.I was going to go to my nephews wedding in November 2013 but sadly won’t make it.I was born in Eastleigh and now live in the UK .Went back in 1993 and I am long overdue a trip back.After watching the video I am homesick and cannot wait to take my family back for a holiday.

  • zangi

    11 years ago

    when will you be coming to kenya…i come from the slum of mathare,i run a very strong group of youth who try to bring revolution to the slum and Nairobi at large

    thank you

  • Mrs Oywa

    12 years ago

    yaaaay!!!! More things to do on date night with Mr. Oywa!! thanks!!!

  • Mureithi

    12 years ago

    Mark, this is an awesome list! I was born & bred in Nairobi and love living there. This is the best and most comprehensive list of fun things to do in Nairobi I’ve come across. Was researching some ideas of cool places to take my wife so thanks for your contribution to my marital bliss! Here’s a couple more… Windsor Hotel, Kentmere Club (Limuru) & the Fairview Hotel are all awesome places for an afternoon cuppa, Kenyatta Market (Kenmart) has awesome nyama choma (better if you order it and let them cook while you wait). In addition to the Arboretuem, the Karura Forest Reserve & the Ololua Nature Trail are the best parks for a walk & picnic in nature.

    Thanks for sharing about the city I love.

  • Cynthia

    12 years ago

    Av lived in nairobi the past 1 year..and av enjoyed evry bit of it…its a mind blowing experience…so much to do,learn,endure..and acccept…truly african experience….Karibu NAirobi…#i loved it#..i even got a kenyan name ….Malkia..means princess..

    • Kamau

      10 years ago

      Nice name, Cynthia, but Malkia actually means Queen. Princess is Binti Mfalme. Stick with Malkia – its more regal :).

      Great job Mark! I live here and will def use this list.

  • Naresh

    12 years ago

    Dude , you rock!!

    I am an Indian and currently in search of some professional job in Nairobi.

    So many things going in my mind how it would be if I go there, will I be able to sustain ? or not?

    But, got my answer through your video and a big list above.

    Many thanks for posting such a useful information..

  • Augustus

    12 years ago

    I was doing some research to help decide whether to take up a job offer in Nairobi and this list has totally swung me. Thanks for the fantastic post!

  • Chia

    12 years ago

    WOW! THANK U SO MUCH! im a foreigner who currently lives in Kenya! My kids are closing for their summer break and was wondering where i can take them! And this site has been a GREAT help! My kids are gonna have a BLAST! U R AWESOME!

  • Ian Mutwiri

    12 years ago

    Hi Leslie,

    Am a Kenyan living and working in Nairobi – Kenya. Nairobi is a fantastic place to visit. Am a local and would be happy to show you around when you do come.
    Please feel free to ask me anything you need to know about Kenya and even Tanzania. Am an ardent local tourist and have visited nearly every attraction in this country.
    Looking forward to forge a travel friendship with you.

    kind regards,
    Ian Mutwiri.

  • Jennifer

    12 years ago

    Thank you, impressive ! I am so excited, have just been offered a fabulous job in Nairobi, hope to be there by end July. Am South African, so Africa is in my blood. Have travelled Kenya extensively as a tourist, loved the weather, people, food & hospitality! Hope to make Nairobi my home 🙂

  • rex

    12 years ago

    hey you forgot national archives at the city center, hiking on Ngong hills, Uhuru park-Chilling (a park in the middle of the city) and the cinema’s for the most recent movies on big screen,

  • Sean

    12 years ago

    excellent for newbies to Nairobi – have started to tick off the list, only 87 more items to go!!!

  • Ngugi

    12 years ago

    @Mark Wiens. Hii article ni noma tu sana. Am a real Nairobian in US an I can tell this is real – you got it in an out, its awesome. I cant forget the highlife – from westland to Buru, man you got it

  • Nundu

    12 years ago

    This is such a great list of REAL Nairobi things to do! I’m from there and I am going back in just over a week and cannot wait to eat samosas (you can never have just the one!) and flush them down with a cold tusker!

  • Jenny

    13 years ago

    I’m going to Kenya by myself next summer to volunteer, and I’m so happy I came across your page through google by accident. This is an incredible list! thank you so much for compiling it, definitely printing it out and bringing it with me! I’m so excited for my trip now, can’t wait to experience all 101 things! The food looks SO delicious too! great pictures

    • Jenny

      13 years ago

      Since you know so much about Kenya, can you tell me how safe is it to travel in Nairobi by myself? Is there anything I should look out for, like thieves, health issues and such?

    • Jenny

      13 years ago

      Good tips to know thanks a lot! Can’t wait to for Kenya, thanks again Mark! Have fun traveling!

  • Traveling Ted

    13 years ago

    Wow, this list is amazing. I wish I had something like this for every place I traveled to.

    • Nomadic Samuel

      13 years ago

      Posts like these are the reason guidebooks are becoming obsolete!

  • paul

    13 years ago

    hey there is no such thing in nairobi that i enjoyed its just the pics but rest food water i became sick

  • Samson

    13 years ago

    This again Mark is wonderful. 101 Things To Do In Nairobi. I live in Kenya but i have visited quite few places from your list. I will make sure that i have visited the others with time. I will try to have my list of Things To Do In Nyeri, for the people who would like to visit Nyeri. Mt. Kenya climbing and Tree Tops.


    13 years ago


  • Yi-Ling

    13 years ago

    I’ve just lost my passport in Nairobi and while I’m waiting for it to arrive, I’m gonna take a crack of fulfilling every thing on this list of yours! Do you happen to know how I can replicate that amazing first Ethiopian meal you had, and other ideas for Ethiopian in Nairobi? I’ve already been to Habesha and while it’s good, the injera isn’t quite the same as the ones I had in Addis! (I’m a fellow Ethiopian food addict too!)

    Also, any plans for a list of 101 things to do in Lamu and Mombasa?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Lina Sideras

      13 years ago

      The information about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that you have given is inaccurate. It is not possible for visitors to feed the orphans. Also access to the orphans between 11am and 12 noon is not Free it requires a minimum contribution of 500 shillings per person. Please correct the information you have provided.

    • Lina Sideras

      13 years ago

      No problem. Thank you for making the necessary changes 🙂

  • sammy mobile

    13 years ago

    This is quite comprehensive. I have lived in Nairobi for the last 32 years, but never thought one would have so much to do and see here.Great job. Poa kabisa.

  • joram

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    markus… i swear this is like the most detailed description i have ever seen. u jamaa i had eve forgotten about Toi market..! good job u guy..!

  • kristin Kay!

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    Brilliant work! Am a proud kenyan…but uve made me more proud! Thanx for taking time to compile all these info! very useful and keep it up. Hoping that you are having an awesome time there!

  • Andrea

    13 years ago

    Goodness! Have you done all these things? I was just talking to my husband about Kenya the other day and he asked what we could see there. I should show him this list!