Sabah’s Ngiu Chap Beef Soup

By Mark Wiens 7 Comments

Ngiu Chap Beef Noodle Soup

Restaurant: Gaya Street Restaurant
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Cost: 5 MYR (1.57 USD)

Throughout my stay in Asia, I’ve enjoyed more than a few beef noodle soups.  I was recommended to sample Sabah, Malaysia’s own variation known as Ngiu Chap. This Kota Kinabalu favorite can be ordered with a choice of noodles and a combination of mixed beef toppings.  This bowl included beef, beef balls, a little bit of tripe, a small piece of tongue, and a few parts that I had no idea where they originated.  The broth was not overly greasy yet still powerfully beefy.  It tasted like the beef had been simmered for hours with onions and other aromatic herbs.  One of my favorite things about clear soup in SE Asia is the handful of fresh herbs (in this case cilantro and green onions) thrown on and usually left to float on top.beef soup in kota kinabalu

My bowl of Ngiu Chap arrived in all it’s spendor from the smiling waitress who waited as I took my first bite.  A slurp of noodles from my chopsticks, a ladle of soup from my spoon, and a quick wipe to my mouth with a napkin, and I smiled back at her, both of us sensing the food connection.ngiu chap in borneo

Though it was just a beef soup, the main beneficial assets were the thumb-sized tender chunks of beef and the clear flavorful broth.  I can see on a rainy day how Ngiu Chap might rate highly as a comfort food among crowds from Sabah, Malaysia.


Migration Mark Rating: 7/10

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  • Gourmantic

    14 years ago

    Looks like a hearty and satisfying meal! I like the way you described the food connection 🙂

  • Daniel Wong

    14 years ago

    Hey there Mark! Stumbled on your blog by other’s RT. First article I read was 17 reasons you know you love south east asia. Dude, your article is awesome!

    And by reading your newest post, I am judging that you’re now at Kota Kinabalu, and this is my home town 🙂 I’ve compiled a food post in KK, you might find it useful

    Enjoy the trip, and keep writing! awesome blog 😀

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Thanks Daniel!
      Unfortunately, I am not in KK anymore, but just remembering the awesome food and times I had there about a month and a half ago. Wish I would have located your article before so I could have crossed everything off. Guess I will have to return sometime! By the way, you have a great site too!

  • jen laceda

    14 years ago

    I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu and I loved it there. Not only because it’s close to the beach (Manukan) and the mountains (Mt. Kinabalu), but also for its varied, spicy (full of spices, not necessarily heat) foods! There are also many Fukien / Hokkien people living there (my father side is from Fukien province in China)!

    That soup looks wicked awesome! And those fried garlic chips…yum!

    • Mark Wiens

      14 years ago

      Glad you guys loved Kota Kinabalu and all the food as much as I did! Everything I ate in KK was unbelievable. Another one of my favorite soups in the world is Malaysian Laksa which I will post about soon!

  • Randall

    14 years ago

    Looks like some great tasting soup! I do love Malay food. Especially Laksa! I ate on the streets of Singapore when I was there the last time. That and a Tiger Beer is hard to beat!