Photo Favorite: Thai Style Roasted Snakehead Fish

By Mark Wiens 4 Comments
Thai Style Roasted Snakehead Fish
Thai Style Roasted Snakehead Fish

I could go on and on talking about different kinds of grilled fish from around the world – I just love to eat fish!

In my opinion, one of the best Thai dishes is roasted snakehead fish. The insides are removed and replaced with lemongrass and a number of other fragrant herbs. Then the skin is rolled in a thick layer of salt before being placed on the grill to roast.

The salt keeps the fish moist and flaky and with a combination of the tangy dipping sauces “pla chon pao” is a beautiful thing!

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  • Brett

    12 years ago

    Looks better than the steamed fish I had in Guangzhou.

  • sully86

    12 years ago

    mark: the emparau fish cost about RM1000 to buy. Will you mark?