Photo Favorite: Sunset on the shores of Lovina, Bali, Indonesia

By Mark Wiens 3 Comments
Lovina Sunset, Bali, Indonesia
Lovina Sunset, Bali, Indonesia

Location: Lovina, Bali, Indonesia

It was on a full belly of nasi campur that I was able to marvel at this incredible sunset over the dreamy shores of Lovina, northern Bali, Indonesia.

I had just learned how to drive in Indonesia, the free for all rules of chaos. But sunsets are different, an opportunity to relax, to clear your mind, and to simply admire the beauty.

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  • kuswara

    6 years ago

    hi mark,
    i love your video a lot. you eat like there is no tomorrow, i wish i could be like you. but i wonder how you keep your body fit and slim?

  • Sharon

    11 years ago

    You should go to Lombok next time you visit Indonesia,.. and if you can make it, try Sumbawa and Flores! Paradise over there! 🙂

  • Nomadic Samuel

    13 years ago

    Mark, this is a memorable photo. There is a lot of detail in the clouds and I like how you composed the boat using the rule of thirds principle.