Photo Story: Sailing the Nile River on an Egyptian Felucca

By Mark Wiens 2 Comments

Lounging around in a traditional jellibaya, sipping on tea and gnawing on dates while peacefully slicing through the Nile River with mist lightly dampening my face, was a dream come true (slightly opposite of crazy Cairo)!

We set out from Aswan for a 3 day, 2 night felucca (Egyptian Nile sailboat) trip, desperately searching for a few days to gather our thoughts, inspire our ideas and enjoy the beauty of Egypt’s lifeline.

The entire felucca trip was crafted with relaxation in mind and flowing with Egyptian hospitality.

Our boat was outfitted with mattress pads covering the entire surface of the sailboat and the staff attempted to meet all of our needs.  We slowly sailed against wind, having to zig zag our way back and forth to make progress while slicing through the current.

Real sailing was only a few hours per day, but even during anchored down time, the slight current from the Nile ripples offered a rocking dosage of rest and relaxation.

Hope you enjoy these pictures (details on how you can enjoy a Nile River felucca trip at the bottom)!





















How you can have a Nile River Felucca trip:

I heard many stories of tourist’s organizing long felucca trips with captains on the side of the river, only to end up having to turn around or simply not satisfied with their journey.

We haggled around for the best price, joked and made friends with the staff at the Noorhan Hotel where we were staying and eventually agreed on a package deal for 3 days, 2 nights.  We began our trip in Aswan and ended in Luxor.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

We got a very good deal for 115 LE all inclusive (not entrance to the temples).  Expect to pay anywhere from 115 LE to 175 LE for the tour.  My only complaint was that there were too many people on the boat, but with the price we paid, we weren’t complaining!

Other Tips:

Hope you have as good of a time as I did on a Nile River felucca sailing trip!

– Migration Mark

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  • ashwin

    11 years ago


    Is it easy to get people to share a felucca with? I am a single traveler,so I’m concerned if I’ll be able to find a group.

  • joan mckniff

    13 years ago

    thanks for brilliant pictures and happy memories. a friend and i met up with 6- 8 others, 5 counties, for 5 day, 4 night felucca sail on smaller boat in 1994. biggest surprise: how cold it could get at night on deck. greatest joy: impossible to name one…the whole experience, the sunrises, sunsets, stopping when wanted, camaraderie, the Egyptian people and cultures. readers: don’t put this off til “later”