12 Intriguing Photos of Chengyang: A Little-Known Village in China

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1. Chengyang Village

Photos of Chengyang
1. Chengyang Village, China

Chengyang is a little-known village.

Are you ready for this?

It is precisely located in the Dong People region, Sanjiang Area, in Liuzhou County, in the northern part of Guangxi Province, and finally in the country of the People’s Republic of China!

2. Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

Wind and Rain Bridge
2. Wind and Rain Bridge, Chengyang, China

Chengyang is especially famous for its “Wind and Rain Bridge.”

This prized bridge, which was finished being built in 1916, is not just a normal bridge. It is set up with pagodas and benches; The Wind and Rain Bridge is a place to socialize and a place for the community.

3. Quiet Village of Chengyang

Wind and Rain Bridge
3. Relaxing Town of Chengyang, China

The village of Chengyang is quiet, there are no cars within the center of the village and many things exist as they probably have for hundred and hundreds of years.

4. Wooden Homes

Wooden Village of Chengyang, China
4. Wooden Village of Chengyang, China

Another reason Chengyang is so famous is because the entire village is made from wood planks, making it feel like you’re walking through a giant antique!

5. Dong People Cultural Show

Dong People
5. Dong People Cultural Dance Show, Chengyang, China

To preserve their heritage (and cater to the rising amount of Chinese tourists), the local Dong people put on a cultural dance and music show everyday. The dancing, the costumes, and especially the local music was interesting to see/hear.

6. Drying Indigo Dyed Cloth

Drying Cloth in Chengyang, China
6. Drying Cloth in Chengyang, China

The women traditionally wear brightly colored indigo blue blouses. Here, the women are placing a huge length of freshly dyed cloth to dry in the sun on the side of the road.

7. Relaxing on a Bridge

Relaxing on a Bridge in Chengyang, China
7. Relaxing on a Bridge in Chengyang, China

Men in Chengyang have the right idea – spending much of the day relaxing and chit chatting on benches in the center of the bridges.

8. Playing Cards

Wind and Rain Bridge, Chengyang, China
8. Playing Cards on a Bridge in Chengyang, China

Other men choose to spend their time playing cards and gambling – another great way to spend a day in Chengyang!

9. 90 Year Old Smoking a Peace Pipe

90 Year Old Man from Chengyang, China
9. 90 Year Old Man from Chengyang, China

This man was chilling out in one of the newly renovated Drum Tower’s of Chengyang.

He didn’t say a word, just smiled and puffed away on his peace pipe. His friends told me that he was 90 years old, and he enjoyed sitting and smoking!

10. Drinking Games in Chengyang

Chinese Rice Wine, Chengyang
10. Drinking Rice Wine in Chengyang, China

And as many women were running businesses or attempting to sell little souvenirs to tourists, many of the men in Chengyang were content to relax or indulge in local style rice wine drinking games (in the middle of the day!).

11. Tea Sampling

Chinese Tea Ceremony
11. Chinese Tea Ceremony

I was particularly fond of the Chinese tea in the region. I was able to partake of a Chinese tea drinking ceremony and sample a bunch of different teas.

12. Chinese Fish Ceviche

Chinese food
12. Chengyang Ceviche

And of course, wherever one travels (especially true in Asia), there’s a new culinary specialty in every single village.

Chengyang’s very own ceviche is a combination of river fish slightly cooked with the acid of pickled cabbage, lime juice, ginger stems and lots of garlic. It was tasty!