10 Must Do Things In Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Phoenix is a city located in the heart of the desert in the South Western portion of the United States.  Winter can be cool, summers most definitely always scorching.  Whatever the weather conditions may be, here are a  few of my favorite activity suggestions.

1.  Climb A Mountain

Camelback, Piestewa Peak, and South Mountain are some of the most popular climbs within the city, however there are numerous other small mountains located all over the valley, offering great exercise coupled with great views.  Climb to the top of a few for different views of the city, if not to work off the Mexican food that will undoubtedly be eaten.

2.  Eat Mexican Food

It is without a doubt, Phoenix has great Mexican food.  One cannot venture to Phoenix without eating at a few of the countless Mexican eateries.  I would recommend Riva’s, Moreno’s, Salsitas, and Tortas La Presa.

3.  Play Golf

Despite being in the desert, there is a high concentration of golf courses, many offering very reasonable rates.  Take advantage and play a few rounds.  I am quite terrible at the sport myself and yet always seem to have a great time with a few friends cruising around the greens.

4.  Swim

There are countless swimming pools and spas in the Phoenix area.  Many people have pools at home and apartments, condos, or hotels are bound to have them.  In the summer, one can swim in a pool 24 hours a day with the constant and consistent warm or scorching weather.  In the winter, jacuzzi’s and spas are all around for ultimate relaxation.

5.  Take a Drive Through Paradise Valley

Located in the heart of Phoenix, surrounded by desert mountains, Paradise Valley is loaded with mansions and ridiculous houses that protrude from the sides of the rocky slopes.

6.  Hang Out In Old Town Scottsdale or Mill Avenue, Tempe

It is what might be called, a popular thing to do.  You will see, and you will be seen.  Interesting people, interesting places, and lots of boutiques and stores, restaurants, and bars.

7.  Scottsdale Fashion Square

Indeed, this is a fashion square, but a huge one a that.  Basically a giant mall, loaded with restaurants, and sure to please the savvy shopper.  Not my cup of tea since there is wireless internet, but I know plenty of people who would like to live there.

8.  Go to Last Chance

Gucci loafers for $40, Zegna suits and tons of other designer products for cheaper than cheap.  Located on Camelback Rd. and the 51, Last Chance is your last chance to get all the things that have been returned from the department store, Nordstrom, used or overstock.  A crowd gathers every morning about an hour prior to opening, but the products are often worth the wait, and sometimes the fight.

9. Watch a Sports Team

Phoenix, or Arizona, has a professional sports team in almost every major sport.  From the Phoenix Suns basketball team, to the Arizona Cardinals American football, there are many teams to choose from.  Sometimes they do well, others times not so well, in any case they usually provide ambiance and entertainment.

10.  Tube Down the Salt River

Every summer thousands of people rent tubes and leisurely float down the salt river located just outside the city.  Though it’s not a white water adventure, the lazy, refreshing river provides excellent fun for people looking to relax and hang out with friends.

If all fails, there are a couple of roads heading South.  My recommendation would be to take one, in a couple hours, you’ll be in Mexico!

Mark Wiens