Zanzibar Video Guide – Street Food, Stone Town and Beaches

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Zanzibar Video Documentary
Zanzibar Video Guide

Zanzibar Video Guide – Street Food, Stone Town, Beaches

The Zanzibar archipelago consists of two main islands, and a slew of tiny islands; the two main islands are known as Unguja and Pemba. The most famous and widely recognized of the islands is Unguja, also known as just Zanzibar Island.

Here is a Zanzibar Video taken in one of my favorite destinations on the planet!

0:54 – Grilled Zanzibar Kebabs
1:38 – Ginger Coffee (if you are looking for awesome Zanzibar coffee, check out Jaws Corner)
2:36 – Prison Island
4:18 – Zanzibar Lukmaan Restaurant – Faceoff between Zanzibari Biryani and Pilau
5:37 – Bwejuu Fishing Beach
6:27 – Paje Beach
6:45 – Eating Durian in Zanzibar!
7:49 – Sugar Cane Ginger Juice
8:23 – Stone Town – Darajani Market

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Local Zanzibar music by Jahazi Modern Taarab

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  • Eileen Ludwig

    13 years ago

    Amazing your travels and knowledge of the local culture and food. I am assuming your are not traveling alone and have someone video you Takes a lot of courage to go to these out of the way countries

  • Sailor

    13 years ago

    In fact I make that ginger coffee for my wife when she catches a cold. very good stuff and it takes away the cold in 2 days. I add a little bit of crushed whole black pepper tho.

    I wish they arrest me and put me in that jail 😀 for life.

    The Biriyani looks like Hydrabadi Biriyani tho but I am sure the taste will be different.

    Nice video!