VIDEO: Jaffna Town, A Tour of Tamil Sri Lanka

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments

First, Watch the Jaffna Video (Above)!

The town of Jaffna (யாழ்ப்பாணம்) is located in the northern part of Tamil, Sri Lanka.

All the footage from this video was taken during my $10 per day trip to Sri Lanka in October 2011.

Jaffna CityHere are the highlights of this Jaffna Town travel video:

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Have you ever visited Jaffna?


6 comments. I'd love to hear from you!

  • Channa

    10 years ago

    Love how you keep an open mind when traveling. You made me homesick…..until you mentioned the humidity! People should know that the food is great though only if you can handle spice. Do you think SL food is the spiciest?

  • Virushan

    12 years ago

    The sour mangoes, are amazing if you toss them around in a dish with jaffna curry powder and salt.

  • Shiyamala

    12 years ago

    Loved watching the video. Wood apple cream is my favourite drink, usually the pulp from the ripe woodapple is mixed with coconut cream and sugar and the seeds are sieved (can be diluted to suite your taste).

  • mahinda

    12 years ago


  • Kel Aussie

    12 years ago

    An awesome part of Sri Lanka I recommend people take the time to explore? I loved exploring here back in 2007 amazing people with a rich culture. Greet video Mark!

  • The Miz

    12 years ago

    I heard rumors about security issues in India and Thailand, does it feel any different in there than most of times.
    I`m planning to visit Sri Lanka next month, guess I`ll go to Jaffna as well.