VIDEO: Are Korean Mandu the Best Dumplings in the World?

By Mark Wiens 2 Comments

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Korean Mandu Dumplings
Korean Mandu Dumplings

Ahhh, Korean Mandu!

I’ve enjoyed plenty of dumplings in a number of different countries, but to be honest, I’d have to give the gold to Korean mandu dumplings.

They are like fat pillows, jam packed with luscious fillings. These included mostly pork and spices, and I ordered the combo plate that included both steamed and deep fried dumplings served with a subtle soy vinegar sauce.

While there are many places to eat mandu in Seoul, I particularly enjoyed this small cafe in the heart of Insadong.

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  • sully86

    12 years ago

    mark: so can u say that u were in mandu heaven? but do u have to stick out your tongue like a madman at the end of the video?