Photo: Pigeon Colony at Bangkok’s Wat Rakang

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments
Wat Rakang - Bell Temple
Wat Rakang – Bell Temple

Wat Rakang, Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting Bangkok’s Wat Rakang temple is one of the unique things to do in Bangkok because of its colony of pigeons and catfish. There are plenty of vendors that sell bird feed and bread to feed the beasts!

Wat Rakang is located just a five minute walk from Wang Lang Market.

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  • jen laceda

    12 years ago

    ooh…I can’t, I can’t! I have a severe, irrational fear of pigeons. Like, I’d cross to the other side of the road if they are walking in front of me. If they come so much as three feet close to me, I have to get up and go! Piazza San Marco to me is the epitome of hell! I got a panic attack there because of all those pigeons in Venice! People were actually laughing at me because I was crying and hyperventilating in the middle of Piazza San Marco. So…you can bet that I will NOT be dropping by Wat Rakang! Hehehe.

    • Mark Wiens

      12 years ago

      Wow Jen, this is definitely not the place for you… Glad I posted this, so you can avoid it when you come to Bangkok! I’m developing a little phobia of getting pooped on when I go there though too – I always run!

  • Maria

    12 years ago

    Trying to decide if the umbrellas are for the pigeons *laugh*

  • sully86

    12 years ago

    mark: woah!!! that is a crazy pigeon attack!!! Bring out the nets!!!!