PHOTO: Isaan Thai Feast

By Mark Wiens 8 Comments
Isaan Thai Feas
Isaan Thai Feas

Isaan Thai Feast

Isaan food originates from the northeastern province of Thailand.

Green papaya salad, grilled chicken, blood cockles, and sticky rice were all a part of this incredible feast at Bangkok’s graveyard restaurant.

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  • slither io

    1 year ago

    This is one of the major festivals in the Northeast region of Thailand, with the participation of a large number of people and tourists. The festival takes place during winter, usually in November or December, when the weather is cooler.

  • Josias Lopes

    10 years ago

    I’m Speechless… I can almost feel all that flavors on my mouth…

  • Allan Wilson

    11 years ago

    I have a new favourite. Yum Kor Moo Yang. Grilled pork neck cooked in a hot sauce / soup. Sauce made from fish sauce, tamarind, chilli and palm sugar (i think). No more laab or namtok for me 🙂 Honestly eating 5 of 7 nights at my local Isaan barbecue in Bangkok.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Allen, glad you found yum kor moo yang, that’s one of my favorites as well!

  • stephen

    11 years ago

    The chicken with that red spicy sauce top right is one of my favourites; along with the somtam of course. There is a little stall that sells this near my condo and one of my favourite activities is to go and get chicken, sticky rice, some drinks and just head off to Rama IX park and sit in the shade near the lake.

    Last year I drove from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchatani just using a Google map A4 printout.

    Getting there was easy, coming home we took the wrong road and it took forever as we got stuck behind heaps of trucks.

    It was a long way to go for two nights but it was great to see how the rural Thais live in Meuang Sam Sip and wake up to the sound of chickens.

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Stephen, thanks for sharing. That’s always fun!

  • Tony Camilleri

    11 years ago

    Wonderful photo Mark. If I am not mistaken the Green Papaya salad is the super spicy salad. (Well it depends how spicy you want it) The first time that i ate it in Krabi, my girlfriend ordered one with crabs in it. When i taste it i started to cry cause it was so spicy
    but it was so delicious that i order one too. After i ate it i couldn’t feel my lips 🙂

    • Mark Wiens

      11 years ago

      Hey Tony, yah, it all depends on how spicy you order it, and there are a number of different variations!