Favorite Eats

Mark’s Top 10 “Wonders of the World” (manmade) “packs sweet, sour, hot, and glorious all in one bite” “truly one of the greatest discoveries in all of civilization“ “most delicious square inches of matter I have ever indulged” -Mark Wiens…

Mark’s Top 10 “Wonders of the World” (manmade)

“packs sweet, sour, hot, and glorious all in one bite”

“truly one of the greatest discoveries in all of civilization

“most delicious square inches of matter I have ever indulged”

-Mark Wiens

1. Slush Bhajias- Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi 2006 065.jpg

Immaculate slices of potato, battered, herbed, spiced, and deep fried. They always arrive hot, fresh, and well above delicious. Served with a wonderful salsa blend.

2. The Double Hut- Nairobi, Kenya

Nai07 018.jpg

Perfection is an understatement when talking about this necessary extravagance of a burger. Words are frankly not powerful enough to explain the wondrous flavors that emerge from this masterpiece.

3. Nyama Choma (grilled goat)- Anywhere in Africa

Nai07 048.jpg

Few things can compare to the gamy, chewy, grilled goat in Africa. The natural flavors of fresh, never-preserved, never refrigerated, goat meat is truly a taste to savor.

4.  Sonny Boy PizzaPizzeria Bianco, Phoenix, Arizona


Truly one of the wonders of the world, this pizza had me so amazed, that I was left speechless for hours. Highly recommended for those who don’t like to eat, and for the gastronomes and gourmets.

5.  Moreno’s Burrito- Morenos, Chandler, Arizona


Arguably one of the greatest Mexican meals I have ever had, Moreno’s keeps me coming back and again for this same meal.  Chunks of grilled carne asada wrapped in a burrito with all the wondrous toppings.

6. Chinese Soup Dumplings- Joe’s Shanghai, New York City, New York


Bite size pockets of some of the most delicious square inches of matter I have ever indulged. The steamed dough erupts with hot pork broth spilling out and a pork meatball is found within.  Stunning…

7.  Garlic Chicken- Mitsu Ken, Honolulu, Hawaii

Picture to Come!!!

Astonishing pieces of fried chicken with a sweet honey glaze, crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and a dominating garlic taste that easily contains enough emotion to inspire a great artist.

8.  Chili Paneer- India

Picture to Come!!!

Almost tasting like a light mozzarella, the paneer is then fried, covered with authoritative spices, sprinkled with chili and coriander, and a harmony of rhythmic tastiness is presented.

9.  Chow Funn- Anywhere in Hawaii

Picture to Come!!!

Scorched rice noodles in a blend of sesame oil and soy sauce with various vegetable and meats mixed within.  The quick fried noodles provide an amazing unique edible treasure.

10.  Taco Stands- Mexico

Greasy, fatty, plump, fantastic, brilliant, amazing, great, and lovely are some of the emotions/feelings that I have been known to mutter as I scarf down a plate of tacos filled with onions, cilantro, salsa, and sprinkled with lime juice.

Honorable Mentions

11.  Pachamanca- Trujillo, Peru

Ecuador 659.jpg

This Peruvian, Inca roots, prepared meal, was traditionally cooked underground, using hot stones. The meat, potatoes, and corn, had a fantastic, unbeatable, smoky taste.

Mark’s Top 10 “Ethnic Cuisine Genres”

1. Ethiopian

Marks Pictures 155.jpg

Various meats and vegetables concocted with flawless blends and combinations of spices and then picked up with a handful of injera, (unique, spongy, and slightly fermented, tortilla like bread (the white in the picture) ) makes Ethiopian food truly one of the greatest discoveries in all of civilization.

2. Indian

Dar-Family 6-07 008.jpg

Another fabulous array of ingredients creates the marvelous fusion of Indian food. When the right spices like coriander, cumin, tumeric, and others are brought together in unison in the right proportions, a synthesis of delight is produced.

3. Chinese

Picture to Come!!!

Chinese food is a comfort food for me. When its bad, its bad, but when its good, I feel right at home with a diverse selection of what I grew up with. Chinese food is almost like a cane, a cuisine to lean on when things are rough.

4. Thai

Picture to Come!!!

Yes, Indeed, the exotic curries, coconut flavors, and nutty aromas, mixed with spicy mixtures of poultry, meat, and seafood are always appreciated when it comes to my stomach.

5. Korean

Picture to Come!!!

Korean food has long been in my list of favorites.  The delicate array of numerous salads and garnishes set before you to compliment and multiply the flavors of the already scrumptious salty provisions is always a winner.

6. Mexican

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From burritos, to tacos, gorditas, and quesadillas, Mexican food is almost sure to satisfy. Spending around five year in the Southwestern United States, Mexican food has become a staple in my diet.

7. Japanese

The freshness of raw vegetation, raw fish, and various things from the sea and land gives me a great feeling of rejuvenation and a replenishment of my natural energies. Excellent cuisine to say the least!

8. Italian

Picture to Come!!!

Any gastronome such as myself, all have an appreciation for Italian food.  Fresh, potent, herbaceous, tangy, zesty, are all mixed together to create an awesomely flavorsome cuisine.

9. Middle Eastern


From gyros to hummus, to shawarmas, to tabouli, the tastes of the Middle East always leave me with a satisfied smile upon my face. Great pita bread dips and assortments of fabulous barbecues are always an A++.

10. Viet Namese

Spring/Summer rolls and Pho, that packs sweet, sour, hot, and glorious all in one bite, are excellent contributions that are always a hit, rounding out the top ten cuisines.

Honorable Mentions

11. Peruvian

12. West African (I know its not a country)