Malaysian Street Food Tour of Kuala Lumpur (VIDEO)

By Mark Wiens 13 Comments

Malaysian street food

Malaysian street food is absolutely delightful.

With a diverse mix of cultures, Malaysian flavors of cuisine have developed into nothing short of culinary perfection.

Do you remember that 12-hour Kuala Lumpur street food binge a few weeks ago?

Here’s the video:

Thanks for watching!

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  • S.A.R (Initials)

    6 years ago

    I watched your video several times. When you see food, the expression on your face looks like you are about to ride a rollercoaster. Can you please tell us where to have all those yummy foods in your future videos?

  • sarah z

    9 years ago

    hey Mark! not sure if there’s anyone have told you yet but the empanada-like snacks that you ate is actually called as karipap (currypuff) 🙂

  • تور تایلند

    9 years ago

    I was looking to find answers on this particular topic and your Blog came up first on Google search Great content you have here.its beast country for travel

  • Caanan @ No Vacation Required

    9 years ago

    This week Kuala Lumpur via YouTube, next week the world via The Food Network. Your a natural Mark!

  • 2Summers

    9 years ago

    You used your left hand to eat the fish! I saw it! 🙂

    Great video. Your binging endurance is indeed impressive.

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Haha, yup – sometimes I’m just too excited about the food and I have to go in with both hands!

  • Devon

    9 years ago


    Love your video. How do you eat so much man? Crazy…Hahaha..

    Where about’s is that Street Food area in your vid in KL? Is that near Jalan Alor?

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Thanks Devon! Are you talking about the street with all the grilled fish? That one is on the main street of Little India – really good food around there!

  • Colleen

    9 years ago

    Mmmmm! My son (Mark, age 16) and I watched this twice and were just digging it, laughing and enjoying it all vicariously. I cannot figure out where you pack it all away, but just enjoy that superior metabolism! = )

    • Mark Wiens

      9 years ago

      Thanks for watching Colleen! I’m hoping my body can handle all the food, but I don’t always eat like this anymore – sometimes I eat less!