Less Than $1 on Food in Bangkok

By Mark Wiens 6 Comments

There are a number reasons why I travel, you can read about them in Top 8 Reasons To Travel.  Food, is of utmost importance to all humans for survival and to me it is important for survival, entertainment, and pleasure.

Bangkok is sure to please the hungry, or even non hungry migrationologist aimlessly wandering around, with its wealth of street food sprawling as a non stop edible festival at all times.

Bangkok is truly a foodies best friend.  Every day thousands of street vendors sell their signature dishes, usually just one or two things, but make them in all perfectness as they have for so many years.  As Anthony Bourdain always suggests, people that cook just one dish, all their lives as their specialty, do it right.  Those who try to take on too many dishes compromise their specialties.

The intricate dishes prepared by streetside vendors are truly magnificent, and they are very economical at that.  Why would one possibly think of partaking of a $3 Big Mac when one can take to the street and obtain an unearthly delight for less than one dollar?  This is why…

img_0517 Noodle Soup- 30Baht= .84 Cents

img_0530Rice Noodles with Green Curry- 25Baht= .70Cents

img_0534Grilled Pork with unbelievably flavorful sauce- 35Baht= .98Cents

Mark Wiens


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  • Marielle

    15 years ago

    Oh, how about grilled Calamari? Or steamed corn on the cob, cut off and tossed with salt, a pinch of sugar and strips of fresh coconut? Or these amazing coconut desserts? Or the FRUIT (rambutan, Mangosteen, Litchees)? I’d frequently eat the Calamari on the road, walk back to my hotel munching the corn/coconut and have a “bed picnic” with a huge pile of tropical fruit topped off with the coconut deserts while watching a movie! (TIP: White Palace Hotel, Siam Square, $35 including breakfast buffet, small roof-top pool, just steps away from Siam Square and Pantip Plaza-world’s greatest tech mall, in my book).

  • David

    15 years ago

    Dude…that grilled pork looks amazing…..wish my excursion would have taken me to a much better Dollar Menu then Wendy’s….
    Well Wishes—

  • Dwight/ดนัย

    15 years ago

    This is it! I’m gonna take you to eat at more like this. I have some favorites that you need to check out. There’s so much variety and it’s so cheap!