How To Get a Thai Visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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How to get a Thai visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Getting a Thai visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka is more expensive than getting a Thai visa in Savannakhet, but if you plan on turning a visa run into a trip as well, Colombo is a great option.

I just got back to Thailand after a very enjoyable trip to Sri Lanka and a hassle-less visa application process at the Thai Embassy.

How to Get a Thai Visa in Colombo, Sri Lanka

This is what you’ll need to bring:

Unlike getting a Thai visa in Yangon, you have the option of getting a 2 month double entry in Colombo. Very convenient!

Information and Procedure

It takes 3 normal business days (4 days altogether) to get a Thai visa in Colombo.

NOTE: The visa takes 4 full business days. Example: I applied for my visa on Monday morning and picked it up on Thursday afternoon.


There is a small place across the street that will print and photocopy, but they are very expensive. I paid something like 50 LKR ($0.45) per page. I’d recommend getting getting photocopies and a passport photo before you get to the Thai embassy.

Thai Visa, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Thai Embassy, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Directions to the Thai Embassy in Colombo

The Thai embassy is located at the Green Lanka Building in Colombo, in the small central business district of the city.

If you are staying right in central Colombo, you might be able to walk to the embassy. If not, you can easily jump in a rickshaw or take a local Colombo bus to get there.

Address: 46/46 Nawam Mawatha 9th Floor, Green Lanka Towers, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Website: (not very informative)

Phone Number: (9411) 230-2500-3

Here’s a map to make it easier:

View Thai Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka in a larger map