How do you eat so much and not get fat?

By Mark Wiens No Comments

I think a combination of reasons – and I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, so don’t take any of this too seriously – but here are some reasons why I think I haven’t gained much weight.

  1. Desserts and Sweet Things – I personally don’t really care for desserts or sweets, and I also avoid any kind of sweet drinks.
  2. Walking and Exercising – When I travel, I love to walk and exercise as much as possible.
  3. Family Genes – Can’t say much about this, but I come from a family that eats quite a lot and doesn’t have too many problems with weight.
  4. Chilies – Chilies are one of my favorite foods, and there seems to be some evidence of chilies and weight loss. I’m no eating them for that purpose, but perhaps not a bad side effect.