Eating Thai Food Guide: All-Inclusive Guide to Eating Thai Food – Get it Now!

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Eating Thai Food Guide

Eating Thai Street Food
Eating Thai Food Guide

Pad Thai isn’t the only Thai food out there.

In fact, there is such a diversity (and abundance) of Thai food available that in 2.5 years of on-and-off living in Thailand, I’ve only managed to eat Pad Thai a handful of times.

Note: Pad Thai is probably one of the most famous world recognized Thai foods, a dish made of stir fried medium sized rice noodles.

Introducing the Eating Thai Food Guide – the all-inclusive guide to eating Thai food, ordering Thai meals, and learning how to do it all!

Have you ever seen food and wanted it but…

You didn’t know how to order it? This happens to me throughout the world when I travel, and normally I solve it with a little “show and tell,” to the chef that sometimes works effectively – but I still feel (and know) that I miss out on most of the local dishes available (that I might not even know existed).

Finally, I’ve remained stable (somewhat) for the last few years in Thailand, giving myself some time to dig deep into the rich Thai cuisine and explore the everlasting options of Thai food that exist.

The e-book guide is a compilation of my addiction to eating Thai food. I’m excited to share the experiences that I have learned in my quest to devour as much Thai food as my body can physically handle.

The meal ordering unwritten lawThai street food

There’s an unwritten law in Thailand that pertains to every meal; all dishes in a meal must be ordered to a perfect tongue-tasting equal balance.

This means there should be something sour, something sweet, something spicy, something soupy, something meaty, something veggie, and all of these tastes…to the extreme! This is something that is engrained into the Thai culture; meals are a way of life.

Thai food is a dining experience and a chance to enjoy a meal with the company of friends and family. Food in Thailand is traditionally served in a manner Westerners might recognize as family style; everyone has an individual plate of rice and all the accompanying dishes are shared together.

Ordering this pleasureful combination of a balanced Thai food meal can be frustrating and confusing because there are so many different kinds of Thai dishes, so many variations, and so many ways to order them.

The Eating Thai Food Guide is the solution for discovering and eating Thai food with confidence!

Click Here for much more information and testimonials about the guide!

Eating Thai Food Guide
Eating Thai Food Guide

Here’s a little break down of what’s in the 88-page Eating Thai Food Guide:

Read more about what the guide offers!

Are you vegetarian or a health conscious eater?

The Eating Thai Food Guide has all kinds of suggestions and tips to help you order Thai food healthier or even completely vegetarian. This guide offers suggestions of Thailand’s tastiest and healthiest dishes!

Do you enjoy Thai food…but you aren’t in Thailand?

Even if you aren’t in Thailand (or have no plans to visit), the Eating Thai Food Guide can provide awesome meal selections and photos of Thai food to help you order the best Thai food from any Thai restaurant around the world! It can also be beneficial if you just want to learn more about Thai cuisine in general!

The bottom line…

The Eating Thai Food Guide has been a project that I’ve been working on for the last few months (but information I’ve accumulated for the last few years) and I am truly excited to finally have it launched and ready to go!

The guide is now on sale for just $7 USD.

For the price of just 1 meal, begin taking advantage of the incredible world of Thai cuisine – don’t miss out on all the best Thai food!

You can grab a copy right here and start eating Thai food like a champion!

Thanks so much for your help and support!

– Mark Wiens

Thai street food

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  • Conor Mack

    3 years ago

    These guides gave me a chance to dig deep into the rich Thai cuisine and explore the everlasting options of Thai food that exist. Thank you Mark for the info.

  • Carson joseph

    5 years ago

    Hi Mark I watch all your videos on YouTube all over the world I’m retired I’m 62 years old collecting Social Security 63 you know I don’t I am got a lot of money but I just love what you do with all that I can get to go all these places but I would love to get a triple X T-shirts from you if you don’t buy I will but my address

  • krav maga

    13 years ago

    Hi, This one is great and is really a good post . I think it will help me a lot in the related stuff and is very much useful for me.Very well,written I appreciate & must say good job..

  • Bluegreen Kirk

    13 years ago

    One of my wifes co-workers it from Thailand. I think I might have to pick this up to see how it compares what someone says who is actually from there. At any rate for $7 its a steal of a deal. Thanks Mark! Now am hungry.

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Great, thanks Kirk! That would be interesting!

  • Sue

    13 years ago

    Oh…I love Thai food, but I can not afford the spicy. So will it be wired if I don’t order spicy dishes? Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Great Sue, glad that you are also a lover of Thai food! It’s possible to order many Thai dishes without chilies. This guide includes useful phrases written in English and Thai to help you order however you want your Thai food, even not spicy! It also includes a huge encyclopedia of different Thai dishes to eat, some spicy and other not.

  • Jeremy Branham

    13 years ago

    Awesome Mark!! I love Thai food! Best of luck with the book!

  • The Dropout

    13 years ago

    What a fantastic idea! Exactly what every traveler needs before heading to Thailand, or to a Thai restaurant. You are a genius, Mark!

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Thanks so much Barbara! I’m hoping it will be very beneficial to those visiting Thailand that want to take full advantage of the amazing Thai food available.

  • adventureswithben

    13 years ago

    That’s a great price for an e-book. It wasn’t until I went to Thailand that I discovered how yummy thai food is. Best of luck with the new venture!

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Thanks Ben, Thai food is definitely one of the world’s greatest cuisines, and there is so much of it to try!

  • Lisa

    13 years ago

    I love this! What a great idea for travelers to Thailand and those who just love Thai food.

  • The Travel Chica

    13 years ago

    This is such a great idea. I am one of those people that never eats Thai food unless I’m with someone else who knows how to order.

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Thanks Stephanie, the aim of this e-book is to give readers some great ideas for ordering awesome Thai meals!

  • senafp

    13 years ago

    I love this guide. My daughters introduced me to Thai food and am very pleased with the taste. This is perfect. I definitely will spread the word to help you sell.

    • Mark Wiens

      13 years ago

      Great, I really have a passion for Thai food so it’s awesome to hear that your daughters introduced you! Thanks so much.

  • inka

    13 years ago

    Bravo Mark. That guide looks so good and very professional. I’m spreading the word and hope you sell tons.

  • Ciki

    13 years ago

    This is a fabulous Thai food and culture guide for the uninitiated. A must buy!