Breakfast at the Market, Thai Fruit Carving, and Royal Salads (Day 5)

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Thai salads
Delicious Thai salads

Talad Wat Raiking (ตลาดวัดไร่ขิง)

Day five on set of the Thai food tv show, and it was one of the best days so far, but it was also very long.

We woke up quite early, about 4 am, and got picked up to drive to Wat Raiking (วัดไร่ขิง), a temple that’s home to a huge sprawling market on Sunday mornings.

Talad Wat Raiking (ตลาดวัดไร่ขิง)
Talad Wat Raiking (ตลาดวัดไร่ขิง) market on Sunday morning

The temple sits on the edge of the Tha Jeen River, and across from the river is the sprawling market; Though not nearly as chaotic, it sort of reminded me of Kolkata, India, at the Mullik Ghat flower market.

Thai breakfast
Eating breakfast, market style

On set, the scene was about eating a typical morning market breakfast in Thailand, something I love doing while living in Thailand.

Rice congee
Morning bowl of rice congee, known in Thai as jok

Jok, or Thai rice congee porridge, is one of the most well known breakfast dishes.

Soft boiled eggs and Chinese donuts
Soft boiled eggs and Chinese donuts

I also got to eat a double shot of kai luak, which are soft boiled eggs in a cup, and finally a couple cups of coffee, plus some patongo, or Chinese style salty donuts.

Giant water bugs
Some of the many wonderful things at the market, like giant water bugs

The atmosphere of the early morning at Talad Wat Raiking (ตลาดวัดไร่ขิง) was fantastic, such a fantastic sprawl of food and a nice place to sit for breakfast.

After finishing the shoot at Talad Wat Raiking (ตลาดวัดไร่ขิง), we continued on to Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร), a beautiful restaurant that’s famous for serving royal or traditional Thai cuisine.

The art of Thai fruit carving – khae salak polamai (แกะสลักผลไม้)

But before meeting the owner and eating a selection of royal Thai salads, I first got to have my first lesson carving fruit, known in Thai as khae salak polamai (แกะสลักผลไม้).

Fruit carving in Thai culture is a traditional royal art, often associated with the palace courts cuisine; the carvings are not only just used for decoration, but some of the smaller carvings can also be used to eat – beautiful food!

Thai fruit carving
She was amazing

P’Petchari was an expert, and she taught me to carve a simple leaf from a cucumber (there’s no way I could even come close to carving what she was).

Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)
Thai fruit carving at Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร) restaurant

Her leaf was a beautiful perfect leaf; Mine on the other hand, looked like it had been though a number of rough storms, maybe a hurricane.

Thai salads
Royal Thai salads display

The next scene was filming with the owner of the restaurant, P’Da, who showed me how to make a number of traditional Thai salads, including yam tua plu (ยำถั่วพลู winged bean salad), yam somo (ยำส้มโอ pomelo salad), yam hua pli (ยำถั่วพลู banana blossom salad), and yam takrai (ยำตะไคร้ lemongrass salad).

The owner was incredibly kind and gracious and it was great to hang out with her.

Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)
Incredibly delicious food at Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)

The food at Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร), we enjoyed a full meal there along with filming, was outstanding.

Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)
Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)

All the dishes I sampled were incredible, including the full range of special salads she made for us. I will write a full review about the restaurant over on soon.

yam hua pli (ยำถั่วพลู banana blossom salad)
Yam hua pli (ยำถั่วพลู banana blossom salad)

It was already evening by the time we rolled out of Yeesarn Restaurant, and we headed to the Om Pan Nakhon Chedi (องค์พระปฐมเจดีย์), a famous temple chedi in Nakhon Pathon (นครปฐม).

Om Pan Nakhon Chedi (องค์พระปฐมเจดีย์)
Om Pan Nakhon Chedi (องค์พระปฐมเจดีย์)

There’s a famous annual festival that takes place at the temple, but throughout the year, there’s an evening street food market.

We didn’t do too much filming here, but mostly walked around and shot a little bit of the juggling ice cream man (my own video coming soon, very cool) at Ice Cream Loy Fa (ไอศครีมลอยฟ้า).

Thai street food
A famous stall selling sen ya radna (wide rice noodles in sauce)

That was it for the day – another food action packed day, a lot of fun, a lot of delicious food.

Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)
More delicious food at Yeesarn (ร้านอาหารยี่สาร)

Thank you for following along in this series of updates about filming for a Thai food tv show. Day 5 completed the first episode of the show, and we have a few weeks break, to make sure all the production is going according to plan, and to get approved by the commissioner.

During our break, Ying and I took a quick trip to Yangon, Myanmar, and enjoyed a lot of interesting dishes. More updates about Myanmar, and about the show (when it starts up again in a couple weeks), coming soon.

Hope you’re doing well and having a great day.

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  • High Rated Gabru

    3 years ago

    Nice blog post. Thanks for share.

  • Vishal

    5 years ago

    Great post Mark! Thailand is indeed a beautiful country to visit. Your pics were awesome.👌👌

  • Selina

    10 years ago

    looks very yummie, but never for breakfast. I couldn’t eat this plates in the morning. But I konw the Thai do so….silly how nariture habits can be different 🙂 Thank you anyway for your post 🙂

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hi Selina, great to hear from you, yah it all depends how and where you grow up and what you prefer – and that’s part of the beauty of the diversity of the world.

  • Liezl

    10 years ago

    I normally don’t follow blogs, but yours looked so tempting Mark, with all the deliciousness that you display.

    Goodluck with the travel show…your Myanmar photo essay turned out great!

    : )

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hi Liezl, I really appreciate it. Thank you for the support.

  • Adam

    10 years ago

    When I was living in Calgary, one of the roommates that I shared a house with was Thai and he was freakin’ AWESOME when it came to carving watermelons (he was a chef at a restaurant on the southside, so it was for work) … so intricate, but he did leave a water stain on the kitchen table from his work one time 😛

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hey Adam, very cool, thank you for sharing, awesome how he could carve a watermelon!

  • Stephen S.

    10 years ago

    Great post Mark! Thailand is indeed a beautiful country to visit. Your pics were awesome.

  • Maria Falvey

    10 years ago

    Mark, I’ve never seen anyone create such a beautiful work of art from a watermelon like the one you’ve pictured here. Stunning!

  • Ani

    10 years ago

    Mark those are some excellent pictures. I love the look of Yam hua pli – mango in thai dishes is my favourite combination. Congratulations on landing the job 🙂 Can’t think of anyone better to make people around the world drool 🙂


  • Stephanie – The Travel Chica

    10 years ago

    Do you know how long it takes to do the fruit carving?

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Good question Stephanie. I think the watermelon took about 2 – 3 hours, and for the smaller pieces like that pumpkin flower took about 1 hour. Other smaller decoration she could whip out in like 10 minutes. This lady had a lot of experience, she was very good. It was really cool to watch.

  • Lindsay

    10 years ago

    Enjoy a durian or two for us in Myanmar! We had some of the best durian ever there 🙂

  • Victoria

    10 years ago

    Hi Mark.
    Congratulations on getting the job as Thai food tv show host!
    I’m very happy for you because I know food is your passion and I can’t wait to see it.
    I’m a big fan and always love to watch your food videos.
    Since I found out about your videos I became interested about Thailand culture which makes me want to travel to Thailand with my kids (I’m from Canada). I have a few questions for you. This is my first time travelling to Thailand with kids so I’m a little nervous.
    1. How many days should I stay in Bangkok, Thailand?
    2. Do you have any recommendations for which hotel I should stay? I’m looking for a 3 or 4 star hotel. I did find 2 I’m interested in, it’s called Novotel hotel on Siam square and the other is pathumwan princess hotel. But I want your opinion of others too.
    Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck on your show!

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hi Victoria,

      Thank you very much for watching my videos, and great to hear you are taking a trip to Thailand.

      1. It really depends on how many days you have available, but I think about 4 – 5 days would be a good amount of time to do some things and also have some relax time. Will you be only visiting Bangkok, or other parts in Thailand as well?
      2. As for hotel, a good area is Siam or along Sukhumvit, I think Novotel Siam Square would be a great option. It’s in a good location and a nice hotel. Another one could be Grande Center Point at Terminal 21, or Ibis Bangkok Siam.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions about visiting.

  • Kurt

    10 years ago

    Geez, those salads look sublime. Im salivating over here!

  • Songtham

    10 years ago

    Love the morning breakfast. Can’t wait to see your version of Yee sarn restaurant. This must be one of the best show.

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Thank you Songtham, I agree, morning market breakfast is a wonderful thing.

  • Elizabeth

    10 years ago

    LOVE jok, eat it everyday! Loaded with prik nam pla and the likes.

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Great to hear that Elizabeth.

    • Sulasno

      10 years ago

      Use light soy sauce for porridge

  • Ashley

    10 years ago

    Fruit carving is such a beautiful art!

    • Mark Wiens

      10 years ago

      Hey Ashley, I fully agree, it’s beautiful.