Bangkok’s Best Fruit Shake – Blended Nectar Anyone?

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It’s like walking into a heavenly orchard, a place that is bountiful with every fresh tropical fruit (and more) from this abundant earth that you can imagine – and it’s in the middle of Bangkok.

Upon arrival there’s a continuous queue of enthusiasts from around the neighborhood of Nang Loeng, patiently waiting, eager to obtain their daily dose of delight.


There are some fruits at the stall that you may not even recognize, some fruits that are sweeter than honey, others that are so sour they will make you cringe; blending the diverse mixture of fruit together is like a mass marriage, everything comes together and rejoices!

The end result can only be described as a matchless nectar, the Rolls Royce of all fruit shakes!


P’Tukatha blends her fruit with a smile, an overwhelming smile that welcomes you in; the feeling is like a bond of acknowledgment that she will cater to your every blended fruit need with winning success.

A suck through the straw is a guaranteed love at first taste, an entire world of fruit coming together in a single sip.


What to order:

I usually go with the mixed fruit shake (nam pban ponlamai ruam), a blend of whatever is on hand, that can include but is not limited to: pineapple, mango, guava, melon, papaya, banana, dragon fruit, watermelon, coconut, cherry tomatoes, beet root, lime, passion fruit, mint leaves, and basil.

The portions of blended fruit are so generous that the shake overflows and has to be filled into the convex lid.


I can never (nor do I want to) escape with only a single fruity Thai dessert concoction, my usual preference for seconds is what I call the yellow combo: mango, pineapple, banana and passion fruit.

Be aware that it is possible to order whatever combination your eyes can see.  Just give P’Tukatha the word and she will stock the trusty blender with whatever fusion your imagination can come up with.

Price – 30 THB (About $1) – Large

Where to Get Bangkok’s Best Fruit Shake:

Bangkok’s best fruit shake is located at the entrance of Nang Loeng Market, just off Thanon Nakhon Sawan, Bangkok, Thailand

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Don’t ever miss Bangkok’s best fruit shake!