5 Benefits Of The Man Purse (murse)

By Mark Wiens 2 Comments

img_0055Females in particular have been using purses for quite some time and have continually reaped the benefits of their use.  This is a list of some of the benefits associated with using a purse and why men should also feel comfortable rocking them.  This is by no means an article pertaining just to men, as it showcases what women probably already know!

Convenience/Practicality- There is little more as convenient as reaching into a purse to pull something out.  All necessities are in one general location and one does not have to reach into pants pockets to find things.

Size- It is always a disappointment to want to take an item along, but find that there is not enough space for it in a pants pocket (the tighter the pants, the less pocket space).  Purses are larger than pockets and less restricting on what can be carried.  Many purses can easily fit great and useful items like paper notebooks and awesome netbooks.

Man PurseDiversity- Man purses come in many different shapes and sizes, styles and options.  From leather messenger bags to knit handbags, there are many different options to choose from.

Style- Along with diversity comes style.  Worn correctly, a man purse can portray a sense of relaxation leading to an attitude of less stress, and of ultra comfort, one of the main principles of migrationology.

Comfort- It is always good to be comfortable.  Bulky keys, fat wallets, and cell phones, fill up pockets, weighing pants down, and creating thigh bruises.  To maximize comfort which is always a priority, one has to use a man purse.

Not every circumstance is right for a man purse, but many times the pros outweigh the cons, you be the judge.

Ladies (or Men) who already use purses, let me know if there are any other key benefits I have missed.