41 Photos That May Tempt You to Visit Yangon, Myanmar Immediately


Yangon, Myanmar is a city overflowing with excitement. Crossing the street is one of the biggest challenges, but if you can get to the other side, what awaits you is a cultural buffet of colors, vendors, markets, and friendly people. Walking around downtown Yangon is never going to be calm or peaceful, but the action, fathom of […]

17 Inspiring Photos of the People of Ethiopia


Ethiopia, with friendly people, an ancient and fascinating culture, and amazing food (and coffee), is truly a fantastic country to visit. While I mainly travel to eat, people are also a major contribution to the greatness of any country. 1. Boys in Lalibela Unfortunately, plenty of kids will ask you to take their picture and […]

A Journey Through Varanasi, a City of Life and Death, in Photos


People from around India come to Varanasi for the Ganges River, and life (and death) in the city revolves around the river. You’ll find sadhus, or Hindu holy men, throughout Varanasi, often napping in the sunshine or deep in meditation. There’s nothing better to do when you’re in Varanasi than walk along the Ganges river. […]

PHOTO: Drying Fish in Sri Lanka


Drying Fish in Sri Lanka Fish is very common in Sri Lankan food, and one way to preserve it is by drying it. Along the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka, there were lots of fish dehydrating in the hot sun.

PHOTO: Non Smiling But Friendly Man


  Non Smiling But Friendly Man   This guy may look mean in the photo, but he’s the one who politely asked me if I’d take his photo in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Similar to the waiter at the best Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, he put on a tough grin when I took his portrait, but he […]

PHOTO: 90 Year Old Smoker


90 Year Old Smoker Just a short walk from the old smiling lady, was this man who could barely speak a word of either Chinese or English. He sat quietly smiling and taking periodic inhales of his 4 foot long pipe!

Photos: Friendly Life of Old Dhaka, Bangladesh


“These two cute Bangladeshi boys approached me while I was wandering around Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. They loved having their photo taken.” Mark’s Note: I first met Sam and Audrey in Seoul, South Korea, last year. We found a traditional Korean restaurant and indulged in their set menu of the day – a huge spread of […]

PHOTO: Thai Donuts


Thai Donuts Thai donuts, which are directly brought over from China, are small pieces of deep fried dough. They aren’t normally too sweet and are either eaten directly or dipped in sang kaya coconut jam. Thai donuts are a popular Thai breakfast choice.