Banh Khot – Glorious Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes


If you love crispy savory pancakes, you’re going to love Vietnamese banh khot!  Among the list of endless delicious Vietnamese snacks and light meals, is a little gem called banh khot (bánh khọt). They could be translated in a number of different ways, from crispy savory pancakes, to coconut rice cakes, to kettle cakes… but maybe a little […]

Bun Rieu – Incredibly Delicious Crab Noodles in Vietnam


It’s nearly impossible to walk more than a few steps without bumping into the next noodle soup restaurant or food stall in Vietnam. Before spending time in Saigon, I only really knew about a few of the most famous noodle soups, like pho. But while I was in Saigon, I had a chance to try many […]

The Best Breakfast I Ate in Vietnam – Banh Mi Hoa Ma

banh mi

Eggs are a component of some of the world’s greatest breakfasts, and in Vietnam it’s no different. Just down the road from where I was staying in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), was a restaurant that served, what was probably the best breakfast I ate during my visit to the city, and ever in Vietnam. What is bánh […]

Saigon’s Binh Tay Market – What to Do and Eat


Who else loves visiting markets? When I was in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I heard and read a lot about the famous Ben Thanh Market. And as good, and worthwhile, as Ben Thanh Market was to explore, there’s another market, a little further out of the touristy area of town, within Saigon’s Chinatown, that I […]

The 21 Best Meals I Ate in 2014 (Happy New Food Year!)


Happy New Year to you and your family and greetings from Thailand! You’ve probably already browsed through a few end-of-the-year photo articles. But since we’re obsessed with food, I thought I would do a little recap and share the 21 best meals I ate in 2014. What were some of the best meals you ate in 2014? […]

Cơm Bình Dân – A Typical Vietnamese Street Food Meal


Vietnam, with famous dishes like Pho and Bun Bo Hue, is especially well known for its noodles, which indeed are extremely delicious. But for myself, growing up eating rice every day, I can’t go more than a few meals without a rice based meal. Sure I love all the Vietnamese noodles, but I still have to […]