Phuket Market: A Delicious Experience at Talad Kaset


There’s one thing I never get tired of doing in Thailand: Visiting markets. And along with beautiful beaches, one of the things I love doing most when I’m in Phuket is going to the local fresh wet market. Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร ภูเก็ต), located in Phuket Town, is a huge fresh wet market, packed with ingredients of… [Read More]

Bo La Lot – Probably My Favorite Vietnamese Food!


Soup noodle dishes are some of the most famous things to eat in Vietnam. And there’s no denying they are delicious. But there are other dishes, like minced meat wrapped in herbaceous leaves and grilled over charcoal, known as bo la lot, that happens to be one of my favorite delicacies from Vietnam. In this… [Read More]

Eating Vietnamese Crab Soup in a Saigon Alley


One of the greatest things about Saigon are the never ending mazes of back-lanes and alleys. Why? Not just because they are alleys, and alleys are nice. But because alleys in Saigon, Vietnam, are always filled with life, local markets, and of course, some of the most fantastic things to eat. In fact, I loved… [Read More]

Japan Airlines – Fly For the Food?


I was in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and I was on my way to Singapore. At this point, we had no plans to fly Japan Airlines. My first flight, just a short one hour flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles, was delayed… which caused me to miss my connecting flight from LA to Hong Kong and the next… [Read More]

Muslim Nasi Padang – Rice and Curry in Singapore


When you travel, sometimes the circumstances don’t always work out for you to eat wherever you wanted to, or wherever you had planned to eat. Things happen, you get really hungry, your directions don’t seem to match up… all sorts of unplanned things happen. Yes some of my most memorable meals are a result of no planning,… [Read More]