Get Your “Eat More Tom Yum” T-shirt Now

Eat More Tom Yum

“Eat More Tom Yum” t-shirt

Just wanted to write a quick note, in case you haven’t already seen this on Facebook or by e-mail.

Over the past few months, you might have seen me wearing the “Eat More Tom Yum” t-shirt in some videos on YouTube.

I tested out a bunch of shirts, and finally I decided to launch a campaign on (going on right now, but only for the next 6 days!!).

I’m thrilled to say we surpassed our initial goal of 100 t-shirts, but the deal is still on until May 26th, so you can still grab it while it’s available.

What is Teespring? is like a kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for t-shirts.

The t-shirts are high quality 100% cotton American Apparel.

Teespring offers 100% customer satisfaction, so if you have any issues, no worries. Also, worldwide shipping, wherever you are.

So get your “Eat More Tom Yum” t-shirt now (limited time)

Thank you very much for your support,

– Mark Wiens

Get it now!

Get it now!


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  1. soumya says

    Ihave some traditional odiya(India) recipeis.
    I like to send it to you, with video and stuff.



  2. Wally Esoy says

    Hey mark started watching your videos this past weekend because I’ve been interested in Thai food lately. Just ordered a shirt. Keep making more videos and EAT MORE TOM YUM!

  3. Grant says

    Hey Mark! Is there any chance that you’ll be selling the “Dangerously Delicious” durian T-shirt?

  4. uxmax says

    Hi Mark,

    any chance that your thirt will be available again ?
    I would love to wear one :)

    cheers, marcus

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