VIDEO: Zanzibar pizza

(Watch Zanzibar pizza on YouTube here:

On the island of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania, they make a little snack known as a Zanzibar pizza.

With influences from India and the Middle East, how they came up with this combination of ingredients, and how a Zanzibar pizza became famous remains a mystery to me.

But when you’re in Stone Town, at the nightly street food Forodhani Gardens, Zanzibar pizza is something you’ve got to try!

Did I like it? Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite, I’m just not too excited about the combo of happy cow cheese and mayo.

Watch the video for yourself now!

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    This was a great video Mark, and although I’m not sure about the ingredients, I definitely would like to try it! Can’t be any worse than some of the awful fast food people eat in North America!

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